Welcome to my blog everyone!!
I am a simple and down-to-earth person. I don’t really mix that easily with new people. It takes time for me to interact with someone and develop trust on them. But once I have trusted a person to be my good friend, then she/he will see a really good friend in me… 🙂
I am very passionate about science, nature and sanatana dharma. I am currently studying in NUS for a BSc and also doing a Diploma in Hinduism teaching in Hindu Centre. I hope to dedicate my life around the two great passions I have: sanatana dharma and science.

Family is very important to me. No matter what, family always comes first. I love my family very much, they mean the world to me… 🙂 I’m also fortunate enough to have so many loving friends and I hope to always keep in touch with them… They mean the world to me too!

I don’t believe so much in relationships. But I believe in friendships 🙂 After seeing so many things happening around me, I feel that friendship is the best!

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