My first post_2


I’m so happy to start my own blog. In this blog, i’ll be posting about things which interest me and the happenings in my life. Currently, i’m studying in my 2nd year of JC. I just can’t imagine that so fast i have become 19 and according to science, i have stopped growing. Wow! I have undergone a lot of changes in my life and have become a mature and thoughtful person.

There are many things in this world that fascinate me. One of them is a very vicious disease, CANCER. I have a lot of interests in this area of research and i want to gather information about the advances in this field. Thus, i started this blog. I will keep posting the latest achievements made in this research field. Who knows? If I continue to write this blog for long enough, it might be helpful to me in the future when I do my Phd (that is if i can).

Currently two major things are in my mind. One, to finish A’levels well and mind you, very well. Two, to somehow get into the Yong Lu Lin School of Medicine with lots of hardwork. I have always wanted to become a doctor. However, in this middle, i got very discouraged due to the rigorous procedures that i have to go through before entering medicine and the very stresful life i would be leading in the future. I have also time and again stopped and thought whether i would make a good doctor, who is like and praised by everybody. But I have come across those stages of seld-doubt and am now very confident of my direction in life that i have chosen. Hopefully, this blog will also help me write my personal statement, which will be included in my portfolio submitted to the medicine faculty.

I will come up with more posts about cancer as and when i find time amongst my busy schedule. And i will also pledge to post regularly.

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