17minutes and 14 seconds

Yes, that was my timing for napfa on thursday. Pretty bad ya? Well, i’m happy that i did my best. Saif Ali Khan was so nice that he changed my timing to 17.10 so that i would pass. But still i have to retake my test next term. Once again, he was kind enough to give me more time to train and gain more confidence.

I call him Saif Ali Khan because he looks like a bollywood actor. He’s also my favourite actor. Here’s his photo.

Well, he kind of looks like Mr Derick Ho. Right?

Sometimes, i feel that i’m missing the connection with nature. I’ve never been to a park, or gone for a camp in the wild. Not even to the chinese garden near my house. I wonder when am i going to give my time more to nature and relaxation. Probably never in my lifetime. After A’ levels, i would get into medicine, and i would be very busy with my studies that i would never even have time for other activities in my life for until a time in my life.

I want to do something worthwhile in my life, something for the welfare of others. I love children very much. I want to do something for the welfare of the children and therefore chose medicine as my career. I really do hope that i could get into medicine.

I’ll blog tomorrow. Bye for now…

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