just stopping by…


the holidays are going fine. i love holidays… Especially after five exhausting months of school, holidays are wonderful. Eventhough all i’m doing is revision and studies during these holidays, i love it. I’m actually making some kind of progress and i’m happy of it. I’m also happy that i’ve made some improvements in essay-writing. But not in compre. (sigh!!!)

So far for math, bio and phy, i’m quarter-way there. I hope i could finish revising by the third week of the holidays. For chem, i have much to do. And my problem is that for most of the time, i couldn’t concentrate and focus. But my thirst to finish as most revision as i could by the end of the holidays, is motivating me. I wish my friends are doing fine in their revisions too.

That’s all i have to report folks. Next time, i’ll come up with an entry worth reading. Sorry for this short one!!


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