I really don’t know what to blog right now. But the irony of this statement is that, I do really know what i want to express in this blog. I just…oh don’t know. I’m doing stupid things each day. For one thing, i’m talking a lot to myself. That’s not normal. I’m talking in my sleep.

It’s all because of one person. It started last year and ended last year. I thought it was finished. But its started again. And i don’t want to go through that again. It will then be difficult at the end of this year when i won’t be seeing that person again forever:(

Why is this happening to me? I would just be very happy if someone comes out of the blue (as the cliche goes) and rescues me out of this situation. Someone who would make me forget that person.

I hope that will happen. I just need a person, a dear friend who would make me forget everything in a nice way…

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