The FIFA World Cup…it’s a disaster!!

Why why why??? With England and Brazil lost, where is this world cup going? The spice and suspense is gone. It is very clear and obvious that Germany will win. Just because the World Cup is held in Germany doesn’t mean that Germany should win the World Cup. Why?

It was clear from the beginning. During the Argentina vs Germany match, the referees gave yellow cards to Argentinians, whereas the Germanians (is this the right term?) were just given warnings. What, was that fair??!!!

And second, winning a match in penalty shoot outs is such a dumb way to assess a team’s skills. It all depends on the skills of the goalkeeper. I can atleast accept the fact that England lost, because it had already lost to Portugal in an earlier match. But how could Brazil lose? With Brazil gone, Germany had cleared its way to the World Cup.

Well, football fans alll over the world are pretty upset about such an outcome…Me too, although i’m not a crazy soccer fan… Let’s see whether my prediction comes true…

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