Friendship will survive…

I was really happy yesterday to receive an email from my friend Sriram. He was one of my best friends in Bangalore. The others were Rekha and Srikanth. I wonder how they are.

Remember the previous post, in which I begged God to let me have a friend who would make me forget the one person? I believe that Sriram is that friend that God has sent me. I’m really glad that at last God has answered my prayers.

I have for long put away the discussion about the parting of our friendship with Nive. And now I have found the heart to discuss it in my blog. My firstreaction was denial. But now I have faced the reality.

Let me tell to everyone who knows about this event. Nive accused me of backstabing her. And to my knowledge, I have honestly never done that. I would never talk about anyone behind their backs. Gossiping is not my cup of tea. I was really really hurt when I heard this from Kasturi and Kalpana. They at first didn’t want to tell me what happened, because they know that i would be hurt. Yes I cried… But why should I when that person simply does not deserve to have my friendship.

Nive was a nice person. I was glad I had her as a friend, sometimes I even thought her as my best friend. But not everything in life turns out to be fine. Some things go wrong. This event was one good example of that…

Well, afterall, she chose to tread a different path in her life, and I wish all the best in that path. And I will never turn back towards her. I would rather shower love and concern to my best friends, Kasturi and Kalpana. And I will promise that I will be there for them when they need me. I also promise that I will be there for Sriram…

Our true friendships will survive…

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