Exams have been going on. They are really draining all my energy. I feel like a bundle of energy wanting to burst out, but can’t do so because the exams are not over until 23rd of november! I have a lot of things in my mind that i want to do after the exams… Those things are the sole motivating factors that drive me to excel in exams. Hope i do really excel. With what ive done so far, i’m not happy. Math was quite difficult, eventhough it would seem easy once you know how to solve all the questions. Chemistry was unbelievably doable. I thought chem would be difficult. One would never know because i’ve still not sat for chem paper 1 and 2. Biology was a rush against time. I couldn’t give my best possible answers for the qns eventhough i attempted every qns. Tomorrow is physics, my most dreaded subject. I’m not expecting too much from myself. I just don’t want to get anything below or equal to a D. My aim is either a C or B. I wonder how my friends are doing. It has been a long time since i sat with them during recess or lunch and had a good talk. I wonder how Kenneth is doing. Because his interest obviously lies somewhere else. Yet he should be working hard.

One thing i’m going to to do for sure after the prelims is to blog everyday, now that i have something on my mind to blog about. I’ve been listening to a number of podcasts done by this guy i’ve dubbed the ‘podcast guy’. He is a very interesting character. I do not agree with some of the points he made in his podcasts when talking about certain things. So I thought of blogging my thoughts in this matter. I guess i’ll save the details for posting after the prelims, which ends on the 29th August or so.

Kasturi & Kalpana: All the best for the prelims jaans!! Persevere. I’m sure we can all do it. (Sounds cliche i know, but what to do? We just have to keep saying the same thing everyday!!)