Birthday Wishes I Got From My FRIENDS

Hope you can read this… Given by my two best friends, Kasturi and Kalpana

This is from my best friend and classmate. You can’t read this, so let me narrate:

Thank you for being such sweet friend! Really enjoyed your company and your scientific talk, movie talk, entertainment talk etc, etc… Wishing you all the best in whatever you do.
Petrina 06′

This is the gift she gave me: Haw! so lovely… Thank you so much Petrina!!

The one below is from Sriram, my best friend from India:

Hai Priya,

I wish You very”HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! “How r u .how r you going to celebrate this b`day?Any special gift for you this b`day? How are your exams going on? I hope you are doing well. (Sriram)

The letter continues with other details, but this is enough i guess.

I also got a testimonial from Manpreet. Must thank her so much for taking the effort to remember my real birthday. Here it is:

priyaaa!! wow, such a looong time gurl how’ve u been?? ive been missing yall bad newayz juz wanted to wish u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY hv a blast n may gawd bless u.

I’m so happy to have best friends like you people. I will always thank God for giving me such lovely angels as friends. I will always cherish you guys and never forget you. Thanks so much for taking the effort to wish me… Love you all loads…

Pls don’t think i’m boasting. i just want to share all the birthday wishes i got from my friends today. My family members wished me too. My mum was the first one to wish me. I’m going out with them later for dinner. We didn’t have a cake and all. i just feel awkward celebrting with a cake with my family. If its with friends, its ok. But with family, i think formality is not required. We can all go out and have something outside. It doesn’t always have to be a cake with candles and all. I love it just the way as it is now.

Anyway, i thank everyone for making my day brightful, despite it being a prelim exam day.

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