Scary movie and Irwin!

Oh my God! I did a big mistake and ruined my whole holiday! Well, not my whole holiday, but still… I forgot a little about it now. I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose on Monday. And I couldn’t sleep for three nights peacefully! It’s the scariest movie i’ve ever seen. And i’ve learned my lesson. Such movies are not meant for people like me who are faint-hearted. Phew! I wanted to see that movie because I love courtroom dramas. I love watching or reading such genre. I saw the movie by rewinding the scary parts, but still i couldn’t control my curiosity. I’ve never had an affinity to such scary movies.

When i was younger, i really couldn’t sleep after seeing movies like Alien, Predator, Jurassic park and so on. I would sleep in my parents’ room when i’ve watched those movies. If i slept by myself in my room, the night would be filled with bad dreams. This is such a weak part of me. Horror movies are not at all for me. I should just stick with comedy, action and fantasy, i guess. But Harry Potter didn’t affect me at all eventhough the story is quite horrific from the fifth book onwards. I guess i just loved the story and i knew that they were all fictious. But the exorcism is said to be a true story of a girl. I’m not sure how true it is but really it makes you wonder whether there truely are demons or not.

In the movie, there is the spiritual argument and the rational/medical argument. While the prosecution says that the girl was psychotic and epileptic, the other side proves that the girl was really possessed by demons. And i didn’t know that humans have two vocal chords! Can we really talk in two voices simultaneously? In the movie, the girl is possessed by 6 demons. They all shout out their names with kind of dual voices. It’s so scary. After hearing from me i’m sure some people reading this would want to watch the movie, if you haven’t. Well, you’ve had the warning. I don’t know why they have to tell the story as a flashback! There are a lot of girls out there. Why should the demons only possess her? I just don’t understand this.

Anyway, after watching the movie, i watched others movies so that i’ll forget that movie. I watched Giri, because there was Vadivel comedy in it and another new movie Krrish. The movie is an exact replica of Superman and ET. Gosh, did i mention? i was also very scared of ET! Can you beleive that? Although now i think that ET is kind of cute. I’ve been watching so many movies during this one-week break from school, so as to relax. Then after going back to school, it’ll be hectic, cause i’ll be spending everyday revising for my A’levels. Physics is so problematic nowadays! I have to go through electronics, electromagnetic induction, dynamics, kinematics again! I also have do a lot of filing.

There was another shocking news about Steve Irwin. It was all like a dream. i just couldn’t beleive the newspaper. But i saw the show in Animal Planet, A Tribute To Steve Irwin, or somehting like that. I really enjoyed his crocodile hunting tactics. He was funny, smart, nature-loving! I have also thought him as a show-off guy once. But i continued to enjoy his shows. He found all the reptiles and animals beautiful, eventhough they were poisonous, scaly and look ugly to me. He admired nature and also taught me to admire nature.

Previously i only like a limited number of animals like dogs, cats and parrots. But i’m liking snakes, chimpanzees, orangutans, leopards and lions. So next time when i go to the zoo, i really want to take photos with the chimps, orangutans and a python! I also loved the pink dolphins in Sentosa! I want to take photos with it the next time i go to Sentosa Palawan beach.