I was so DUMB

Yesterday, i published a post, when i was filled with frustration and annoyance. But today, while i feel clear and unconfused, i realise that i had made a lot of mistakes. It was all a misunderstanding between my parents and me. My parents are happy about my results and are just worried whether my results are enough to bring me somewhere worthwhile. They told me that i have all the freedom to choose whatever degree i want to pursue, but to keep an open mind about it. Part of the misunderstanding resulted from me being so dumb. I should have clearly told my parents about everything.

Well, that aside. I’m happy that everything has become normal. I don’t feel pressurized now. Family support is something that is very essential at a time like this when you have an important exam to prepare for. But i don’t want to take back whatever i said about those other parents who pressurize their children.

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