I had quite a tiring day today, ’cause preparations are going on to get ready to move to our new house. We’ll be moving soon next week, and there will be a home-warming first. Today is an auspicious day and so we held the Saraswathi Pooja at our new house. We all had to wake up early today at around 6.00am. What a tiring day!

I’m writing nothing constructive here, all crap. I released a new podcast in podbazaar on Singapore Blogs. I thought people would like it and would go and see these blogs. But so far, i have not gotten any comments from anyone. Maybe, i’m expecting too much. It has only been two days since i released it.

Our GP mock exam last week was horrific. Actually, it was much better than any compre that i have attempted so far. The passage was about horror, horror movies and something about the concept of shock. The writer was discussing about how horror movies satisfy our base instincts and sadistic fantasies. If you ask me, it’s all bullshit. I hated that passage.

But the second one was quite okay. It talked about ‘shock’ and why it has term limits. For example, let’s say we see the movie Alien for the first time. We find it shocking and absolutely disgusting at first. But as we go on seeing Alien 2, Alien 3 and so forth, we don’t find that image shocking anymore. The author also said that like a picture says a thousand words, it also says a thousand lies. She also brought in some counter points of why some things have a lasting effect on us and therefore have no term limits.

Surprisingly, i had quite a lot of time to write my AQ for this exam. But the thing was, it was quite difficult. How would you talk about how Singapore reacts to horror? I had no points at all to contribute and wrote crap, just for the sake of writing and to meet the requirements of the question. I was also running out of time. I don’t understand how the teachers want us to do well in a subject, while at the same time giving us only 1hr30mins to complete the paper. The time is quite insufficient.

This is what i don’t like about the education system in Singapore. And there are a lot more. I think i will be able to talk and rant all about it later in another post. I will also probably do a podcast on it.

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