YEY!! It’s over!!

YEY!!! It’s over. Exams are over. Sleepless nights are over. And a lot of things are over. I’m glad that i don’t have to step into that college again and see all those faces that i don’t like. Of course i miss my friends badly. But i think i have more irritating friends than good friends. Haha;)

I guess we’ll be going to school once or twice for gym and swimming. And that’s because we paid that stupid $40 as sports complex fees from september to december!! One thing that ACJC is so good at, is to collect so-called “donations” and “fees.” Everything is $10 for them. From school t-shirts to the book called ACS Story (It contains AC’s 120 years of history). I knew that they are a rich school, but this is simply too much.

But who cares about all of that now. It’s over. And i’m happy with the way i’ve written my papers. Although i wasn’t that confident that i could definitely get an A as i was when i sat for my O’levels 2 years ago. If papers 1 and 2 were easy, paper 3 turns out to be difficult. Or it’s the other way round. So you’re never sure how your grades will turn out.

Happy partying and thinking about your futures for all those who have finished your A’levels!! I’m so happy that my parents have become lenient overnight! They let me stay up late at night yesterday. And they’re giving me quite a bit of freedom to do my own stuff. No complaining anymore that i have to go and study!! My parents have always been quite reasonable and i have to thank them a lot for supporting me throughout this period of exams. Haha:D

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