8 thoughts on “A meme-craze

  1. Preparing Electro-competent Cells of DHSa – hmm ennamo’la padikra, periya aalu dhan!You have a cool hand-writing Priya. Tamil…hmmm, not great but still better than mine, I guess. Thanks for doing your part. :))

  2. My Tamil handwriting is ‘child-like’. It has not evolved into ‘adult-like’. I only learned written Tamil when I was 9. So it’s like that. Thanks for your comment on my English hand-writing. It was even neater (is there is such a word) last year. But it’s degraded a bit. Avalo obvious-a irukka? Yeah. But I haven’t learned the technique yet. It’s just a copy of the protocol I had. If I had used it as a rough paper, then you should have guessed;)

  3. hey priya,acctually i can analyse your personality with your handwriting,but having just one week left for my semester,i dont think its wise doing it now,however i will get back to you during the first week of may.until then,wait for the surprisechandana

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