A’Level Results…

A’level results are released today… I’m really scared and nervous from head to toe. It’ll determine what kind of course I’ll get in Uni.

But let’s put that aside. Who can change what I’ve done a few months ago. But I’ll update the blog with my results later today.

This year has so far been very good for me. The first times I had are numerous. First time I’m in a job, first time I went out late with friends on my own, first time went to a bar and drank beer (which I’ll never do again, yuk yuk!!), first time I highlighted my hair, first time I tried beef (was also a little yuk), first time I… It’s just a lot to say right here. But I’m happy I tried new things and yet to try more. My mind is stuck on the prospect of results. So I’ll become happy/sad later. Paakalaam…

Update: I’m happy with my results!! Phew! Okay here they are:

General Paper A2
Physics B
Chem, Bio, Math A

I was interviewed by Tamil Murasu newspaper, with my other Indian friends who also did well. I also gave a phone interview for the local tamil fm 96.8. My interview was telecasted on the radio, but I didn’t get to listen to it:( But a my parents did, that’s enough! Let’s see whether our photo comes on paper tomorrow. I’m happy:D At last the agony of waiting is over.

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