My favourite series

Harry Potter is probably the most imaginative story I’ve ever read. It’s a wonderful story. I will get very engrossed in it. Like now. I’m reading the fifth book for the umpteenth time, to update myself of the things and details I’ve forgotten, before the movie gets released in July. Oh what a long wait. I think I’ll probably do a podcast on Harry Potter books to satisfy the kind of feelings I have for the story. Never have I felt so many emotions for a book and it’s story. I’ve literally fallen in love with Sirius and Lupin, and hate Snape to the core.

I’m waiting for the movie and the last book in the series. The suspense is killing me already. I love JK Rowling’s works and her imaginative brain. The first time I read the first book, it was really boring. But I persisted. I kept reading on. And then came the interesting part. So continued reading all the books until book 4. I don’t want to put everything here. I want to do a podcast on it. So let’s see…

2 thoughts on “My favourite series

  1. Logitha

    Oh oh Priya!You should read the Robert Jordan series. It’s, hands down, the best series I’ve ever read. The first book is called “Eye of the World”. It’s excellent!!-LogiP.S. I still haven’t come up with a rebuttal. I mostly was either busy or got lazy. haha. =P

  2. Ok, I’ll try. And about the rebuttal, it’s ok if you are busy to come up with one. I don’t really expect any. But if you wish, do so. I’ll be interested to read it;)

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