Thinking about…

I feel very moody. Might be due to PMS. So I didn’t feel like updating my blog. I was also quite busy with work and other stuff. I’m also thinking about which course to choose. Although I’m clear about what I want, I still have some doubts. I’m expecting to clear them when I go to their open house today afternoon. I have Life Sciences and Computational Biology in mind.

I have so far noticed what are the disadvantages of the career in life sciences as a researcher. You don’t paid so high, in the first place. You have to get a PhD to get well paid. You have publish papers to get your name well-recognised. There is a lot of waiting time while you’re doing research. The research itself takes a long time, to see the results and analyse them. But it’s good to know what I’m getting into. Despite all these disadvantages, I like research.

I don’t think I’ll be in this field for a long time too. Probably after my PhD, I might take up another career, maybe as a lecturer in my field. I also want to become a writer some day. I have a lot of dreams and how many of them are going to come true, I don’t know. If I put my hardwork and a bit of luck on my side, I can achieve my dreams.

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