Back from short vacation..

Well, I feel so much relieved to be back from India, with all that heat and sweat I’ve experienced. Once is enough. I should only be going back there in two years’ time. I don’t know why I feel so foreign when I went there this time. Previously it was not like that at all. I guess I’m getting used to the Singapore environment. Well, if you ask me, I have no intention of going back there. Somehow I feel it’s easier to live in Singapore. It feels better to go to India once in a while.

But this time, I felt it was kind of boring. Except for the times I spent with my nephew, Keerti. It was because we were so much in sync with each other and our conversations were really good. Time flew when I was talking with him. Finally, I was thinking if I will ever meet anyone who has similar thinking like me there in India. But I never expected a 15-year-old to turn up like that! Still, that gave me hope that there should be people like that. You are asking me, people like what? Well, I don’t know exactly how to describe. But I will know when I meet someone like it.

Actually, I nothing to say for now. Except that i’m back and am feeling really neutral. So I’ll really start blogging as regularly as I can.

Shopping for University starts… Expenses until now – $139.20!! Still more to go…

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