Harry Potter…

I love Harry Potter, do you?? I guess not. Some people out there don’t like Harry Potter and are not at all interested in it. Like me and some others who don’t like Sivaji, but a lot of other people like it.

But you just can’t deny that a majority of people love Harry Potter. It’s self-evident. The author is now many times richer than she was before writing this sequel. Why? Because a lot of people buy her books. Why? Because the story is magical, the imagination is ecstatic. JKR is really a genius to have come up with something like that.

The intricacies involved in the story is simply mind-blowing. To imagine that she took 5 years to finish the plot of the story! She deserves all that money she has made. I hope she writes more other sequels. Not exactly about Harry Potter. With all these Save Harry Potter campaign, I don’t think the people really want to save the Harry Potter sequel from ending. All they want it JKR to continue writing more such sequels basing Hogwarts and it’s magical creatures. I hope that she will write too.

Anyway, I’m happily and eagerly waiting for the 7th book! I’ve pre-ordered my copy. I don’t know who is going to stop me from peeking to the back of the book to find out the ending! God help me!! If there is a God…

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter…

  1. i just wrote a blog about harry potter and i was curious how many clicks of the “next blog” button until i found someone else writing about the same thing. it took me 3. it’s upsetting how the new book is leaking on the net. on the E! channel (top 10 show) they were talking about that. i had to change the channel just in case they blurted things about DH. happy readings!

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