Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a spoiler. However, there are certain crucial information presented here that could give good clues for those fans out there who have not read the book yet.

Finally, I have finished reading the 7th book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. What a read! The story has so much complexity about it. I had to read the book again to understand why exactly such and such happened.

But it was a fascinating read. I really enjoyed and was saddened by a lot of events happening in the story. I don’t understand how can certain people disregard this series as children’s stuff, not being interested in the books at all. They are missing out on a lot. Movies certainly don’t give that amount of satisfaction.

So many deaths, and all lost hope in the middle of the story. I almost cried, feeling so much for the characters and their predicament. As you all know, Harry and his friends are set out to find the horcruxes. But they meet a lot of obstacles along their journey and near-death escapades.

Who said that this is children’s book? I don’t think that children can understand the intricacies and the emotions explained in this book. Especially about Death. Only teenagers and adults are capable of understanding them.

A well-presented magical book by JKR. Never have anyone waited so longingly for a series book like they did for Harry Potter’s. But it is all so sad that Harry Potter is no more. All there is to wait is for the movies to come out in the following two to three years.

All I can say after I’ve finished reading the book today morning at 2am, is that the story’s climax resembles that of Sivaji’s. But it is presented in a more logical way than in Sivaji. And what more, I love Severus Snape!

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