People I Like and Don’t

I like people like: Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Ayn Rand and A.R.Rahman.
Their names all seem to be ending in ‘A’s. Haha:) Theirs are the great minds of the world. And more such people. These are the likes of people who have brought the world to where it is now. Without such people, we wouldn’t be where or how we are now.

I don’t like people like: Mother Teresa, Pope John, any spiritual teacher
Yes, I once used to like Mother Teresa, but blindly. Just because everyone likes her. But now I know her motive power, her ideas and her philosophy. It is not something that I wish to follow or something that I would approve of. Therefore, I don’t like her.

Eventhough I’m a staunch feminist, I still agree with what Ayn Rand says about her opposition to women’s liberation. Men are superior, in terms of sexual and physical strength, compared to women. Atleast most of them are. When it comes to actual equality, there can be no conflicts. Both are humans, for goodness’ sake!

When it comes to other matters, like who shows much care, who is more emotional, who is more practical and all that, there can be no divide between men and women. Both show all the characteristics typical to both men and women. In some cases more and in some cases less, but nonetheless, they do show it. Why should we even argue about who is more superior and all that?

True women’s liberation came through scienctific breakthroughs. Scientific progress has done a great deal for women. It has given them the power to control their lives by the use of contraceptions and reproductive preventive measures. It provided women with the freedom they needed. Women can decide not to have children or to postpone their motherhood because they can get their hands on contraceptives and other preventable measures.

Now, Mother Teresa was opposed to abortion and contraception on the basis of her religion. How fair is this? Abortion is a woman’s issue. Only she has the right to make a decision. How can people confuse between a human life and a potential human life? As for the issue on contraception, that was even more absurd!

Let me give you a scenario, and you decide for yourself which is more important; the human life or the potential human life? Imagine yourself in an IVF clinic and you are waiting for your wife sitting outside. Your wife is undergoing her IVF counselling inside a room. So, there is a door to the storage room beside you. In this room they store all the eggs and the sperms from the donors. Suddenly, a fire alarm sounds. Somewhere in the building, something caught fire or there was some explosion. You have to evacuate soon or else the building will collapse. What will you do?

Now this is a moral situation. Will you, (a) run out of the waiting area with your wife, or (b) quickly go into the storage room, grab as many nitrogen cylinders as you can with the help of the others, risking your life in that situation? Naturally, you would worry more about your life than all those potential human lives, right? Come on, if you still believe that abortion is immoral, I can do nothing else to change your mind. And anyway, I’m not trying to change any mind. I’m just presenting the way I see things and why I believe such and such.

2 thoughts on “People I Like and Don’t

  1. So did you read AYN RAND recently? It shows. Words like ‘motive power’ gives it away. All the best, but take it easy.

    AYN RAND’s ideals are too imperfect to follow. Just treat it like you would treat a fictitious story, nothing more than that. Your ideals are much more deep seated to be changed by one damn story.

    There is just no one philosophy that can cover all moral aspects of human behaviour. You don’t have to bash Mother Teresa for her altruism like you understood her intentions for doing so.

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