It certainly has been a long time since I blogged last. I was really busy with other things pertaining to my University education. I got into NUS, as you all know. So now I am in the process of securing my modules for the first semester.

NUS truly fosters independency and self-reliance. I just love the University campus and I really can’t wait to start school next Monday, 13th. The matriculation fair went really well. My friends were such dears that they waited for me. Their turn was earlier than mine, but they waited for me too. I’m really touched you guys. Thanks:)

I saw and I know that a lot of Indians from India are staying in the campus or living outside. They are here to pursue their degrees. But they are in for a great shock, if they have never been exposed to such a learning environment as in Singapore. It is competitive, no question about that. But it is also knowledge-based learning. You have to think for yourself! It’s nothing like what or how they teach students in India. It’s not rote-learning.

NUS gives a lot of importance to critical thinking and innovativeness. A lot of rights to free speech and independence. You get to choose your modules too, you know. You get to take cross-faculty modules, other than those required to secure your major. That’s what I’m doing now. I was already allocated some essential modules that I have to take for the major I chose. I chose Life Sciences (Major in Biomedical Science).

So I was allocated some basic modules like Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics and Organic Chemistry. I am also in the process of bidding for General Education modules. I will be taking just one such module. It is titled “The Search For Life On Other Planets”! It’s a pretty interesting module. I love it.

I have also applied for this Special Programme in Science. A wonderful place, where I can get to interact with more people who love science just like me:) I attended the interview and I really really hope I get it!! Then I will have five modules to take this semester. Students can take only 5 modules per semester. But if their results are good, they can take upto 10 modules per sem!! That will be one crazy ride!! You will keep hear a whooshing sound going past you very frequently and that will be your life!

My wonderful dad bought me a new Sony Vaio laptop for my University studies! It’s simply great. And now, there is wireless at my home too. So I can surf the net from my room. I realise I’m getting more and more independent. I really like that. But it doesn’t feel as good as when I was going for my job. Because with my job, I had my own allowance money. But now I feel crippled because I am back to asking my dad for my allowance. I guess I have to study hard and wait until I finish my honours. Then I can start living on my own again.

Here’s my laptop:

At first, I wanted to buy coloured ones, like white or green. Pink was disastrous, eventhough it was my favourite colour. It looked very dull and was China-made. This model is Japan-made so it’s slightly better. The surface is rough and so no possibility of scratches. Lovely look and light weight of 1.85kg. Very suitable for student use.

So I guess enough of updates. I have to go back to bid higher points, so that I will get those modules. So did I forget to tell you that NUS modules have to be secured by bidding? We are given some points at first, and we use that to bid for the modules. Whoever bids the highest and is within the quota, gets the module. A bit confusing at first, but later I got used to it. So I’m whooshing off now:)

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