Un Paerai Sonnaale

Hello… I don’t seem to have much free time nowdays with college work and all. But I do have time to sing and post some songs. So do look forward to them. I won’t claim to be a great singer or something. But I love singing and these are some of my amateurish attempts at singing. I’ve tried my best and will improve as time goes by.

So here’s a solo without any music. It’s a song from the movie Dum Dum Dum, Un Paerai Sonnaale:

powered by ODEO

2 thoughts on “Un Paerai Sonnaale

  1. yello!This is V-Man, and Atlas Shrugged is interesting indeed!I only noticed your comment (that was made nearly 2 months ago)on my blog recently due to the fact that my comment notification emails seem to be on the fritz!Thanks for the recommendation, and keep on with philosophy (in moderation of course!):)

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