Retreat camp: FUN!!

The hinduism camp we attended was really fun! Well, I know what most of us thought about the camp before attending it. That it would be one of those camps which contain lots of talks and quizes, very religious in short. But it turned out to be otherwise. It was really fun with a good balance of games and talks.

We learned a lot about hinduism. For me personally, I feel very ashamed of myself after attending the camp. Being a hindu, a product of the very old vedic culture, I am really ignorant of the many gems hidden in our culture. I do not want to stay that way anymore. From now on in my life, I’m going to make it a point to learn as much as I can about Sanatana Dharma. Being in Hindu Society in NUS has really helped me realise a lot about hinduism.

I was really impressed to meet so many youths interested in making a difference to the people by getting involved in community activities. After seeing all this, I feel I have wasted my whole life. I met a fellow NUSian, Ambika. She was actively involved in hindu centre activities and also has her own group of non-profit, volunteer-based organisation called “Karangal”. They bring Indian children who have serious illnesses like cancer and leukaemia outside to spend time with them, having fun. They also raise funds to help these children to get some treatment. This has really opened up my eyes to today’s youths. They are very good and active nowadays. Better than the youths in the past I guess.

This whole camp experience was an eye-opener for me in a lot of issues. Thanks to the facilitators who organised this camp: Devanand, Sugumaran and Susantharan. Thanks guys!:)