Yo yo yo… What’s up?

Oh gosh… I’ve done it again.. Left a long break right after my previous post. Sigh… What can I do? My time is such. I’ve been so busy these past few weeks/months. See, I’m not even sure when was my previous post! Haha… I want to give a new look for my blog once again. Some things in life have to be changed regularly. And there are also some things that shouldn’t be changed. Lol… I’ve become so philosophical these days, and have gone so crazy. I’m spending too much time with myself, which I shouldn’t be doing! Lol.

Anyway, some updates since I’ve last posted. Just checked when I last posted and it was in JULY!!!!!! Oh gosh… Haha. Anyway, I’ve gotten a “promotion” in HS as Vice-President =) =) Double smiley for that because I’m really happy I can stretch my abilities as a leader further. All thanks to Susanth and Viki for choosing and special thanks to Susanth for again taking up Presidency and guiding us through another year full of fun and learning.

Progress is SPS is also good and thank God its almost coming to an end with just a presentation left to do!! Sigh. What a load of work we had to do for SPS!! Nonetheless, it was a hell of an experience teaching me so many skills from report writing to lab work and presentation. Thank God I’m never gonna do any more research under a mentorship. Just hate it… I want to be left alone and I would love to do things individually. After SPS, I hate group work. Work never gets done in time when its group work… Sigh. I’m thanking God a million times that it is over and that it was good…

What else to say? There are loads of things that cannot be said in here. Only to the hears of my closest friends. Oh yeah! My family recently went to Delhi… And guess what??! They left me all alone here! =( Sigh… Some of my friends actually think it is such a good opportunity and that I ought to enjoy. But in fact I felt so lonely and sad. I really missed my family for the 5 nights they were away! I had to bunk in NUS for a day or two with sweet sweet Jayasri and then my dearest friend Kasturi gave me company the first night they went Delhi, so that I don’t feel lonely. She overnighted at my house. Instead of studying for her stats test, we ended by watching Cheeni Kum and went to bed at 3am. Lol. Different experience but the wait was sweet. Everyone missed me back in Delhi and bought me so much clothes and stuff… Haha… Waiting in love, for love, to love… All is sweet =)

I don’t have anything much to say actually. Its good I’m blogging and I really started this to keep it like an “autobiography” for me to look back and ponder over myself. My initial aim was to improve my English-writing skills. Haha. I wouldn’t promise but I would try to maintain regularity in my blogging. Well, exams are gonna start next next week. So I have more time now, without school and all. Btw, just for info, I’m now in my second year 1st semester. Haha. More time to go in NUS. Student forever!!! =)

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