2 more to go

Sigh… 2 more to go before I finally experience bliss. Had a paper yesterday and then one today. So this is how I found my core module paper, just so my peeps out there can get an idea of what to expect next term 🙂

LSM2101 Metabolism and Regulation:
Well, to say it in two words, it was a stupid paper!!! Argh… Metab module is all about memorising the pathways and spitting them out in the exam hall. At least that is what I thought. But, as I guessed, that was not the case. Luckily I had back-up plans and prepared myself with the tutorial questions, in case they ask application-based questions that have to do very little with the pathways. The don’t ask you to describe pathways and such. They ask you the function of the pathway, the regulating step or the rate-limiting step of the pathway or ask a question like how the pH of the blood of a person undergoing low carbo high protein diet changes?!! What a stupid paper!

SN2275 Tamil Studies I:
This is a very good paper I would say. Simply because it is something very close to my heart: Tamil 🙂 I recommend my friends, if they meet the pre-requisites of the module, to take this module. It is Tamil only, not some foreign language. And when you are taking it with your friends, its even better…

Well two more to go. One will be done tomorrow. That will be GEK1045 Intro to World Religions. And another one next Tues, LSM2102 Molecular Biology (a killer module).

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