Got my UROPS!

Well, here goes my upcoming holidays… I guess I won’t be having anymore holidays like I used to. I am both happy and sad. Happy because I won’t be spending all day sitting at home and just slacking, just browsing the net and watching movies, reading books. Happy that I would be running around, busy with something rather than slacking at home. But also sad that I won’t have time to spend with my family, or just slacking a little while at home… Slacking for a little while is ok, but its not when you only slack for the entire day!

I got my UROPS!! UROPS stands for Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme in Science. I had approached Prof Kini Manjunatha a.k.a. Prof K. He called me down to his office and we sat down and talked. When he asked what I’m passionate about, I was just blabbering… I went blank! Thank God, I was atleast able to say something. But all turned out well, and he started explaining to me all about his lab research.

They are working on snake venoms! Interesting, because they have just come out with a drug using one of the toxins, modifying it a bit, to reduce blood pressure! Can you believe it? Amazingly, toxins can be of help to humans! I am really interested to get started and working on the toxins… I am just waiting for my camp to get over and so I can start working on my UROPS. Research work takes long time, so its better to start early. I still don’t know what my project is gonna be, but I hope it would be interesting and that I will learn something worthwhile. Its all in God’s hands to make it a success or a failure, while I put in all the efforts I can. I’m simply excited!

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