Long time no see my blog!

Its been such a long long time since I’ve written anything in my blog. And now it is simply too late, because there are so many things to write! So many overwhelming emotions bubbling inside of me. And I do want to let it all out… But what to say in a public blog? What can I say? My parents are already monitoring me, kinda… Haha.

But I would say this… I’m very happy at this moment in my life. I have really great friends, with whom I can share anything without any inhibitions. Developing friendships with some new people has given me a different outlook in life. Emotions previously suppressed are let free. So I feel happy 🙂

I know this happiness wouldn’t last for long. But that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the moment that is present right now. Happiness, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, all won’t last forever. Ultimately, I have nothing to be unhappy about because I have a loving family, a healthy body, studying very well, happy with my friends. What else more do I want? 🙂

Just some thoughts running in my mind and hope things turn out well… 🙂

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