Can we be friends?

It is so damn irritating… I’ve had it… Finally, I want to get it out and in the open.

Why do Indian guys always go, “can we be friends”? I’m sick of hearing this again and again. You don’t know me at all. And still you want to ask to be friends. I don’t understand this mentality of Indian guys… Can someone please enlighten me?

Friendship should happen by itself, and it is not something you initiate. You meet a person a few times, you get to know that person slowly, and then you get to share personal thoughts with that person and get connected with them. The moment you share these personal thoughts is the defining moment when you have subconsciously accepted the other person as a friend/confidante.

Without all this happening, how can you become friends with a person you have just met and trust them with all the things you share with them? The trust on the other person is developed only in the first few times you meet that person. If so, how you become friends immediately? Just like that? Especially a friendship between a guy and a girl.

I guess their definition of friendship is different. But still, it is ridiculous, the way they ask. I would say, if your definition and their definition of friendship does not seem to match or complement each other, then forget it… Move on.

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