Just some pondering…

I have come across many kinds of people who range from non-believers to staunch believers. From one extreme to the other extreme. These are the people whom I have either met in person or read about in the news. It is interesting to finally meet someone who has a conception of God as being formless. I know two of my friends who think like that.

This is interesting because it is literally difficult to think of God as being formless, especially when you have a certain level of personal relationship with God. I am only now trying to understand this concept as it is difficult for me to shift from form-God to formless-God. For now in my life, I pray to God with a form because it helps me to visualize God, someone/something that is helping me create favourable situations in my life and helping me achieve my goals. It will take time for me to understand the formless and attribute-less aspect of God as it is a very high concept.

I guess people who pray to a formless God, only do so because for them it seems ridiculous to believe in Shiva, Vishnu or Ganesha. I totally understand this because these characters are fictitious. They do not really exist. However, the ideals they represent is what that should be taken note of rather than the personality itself. I have already mentioned this in a post I made in July. It’s like I said. Having someone to inspire you, but it is not a person in reality, but God Himself/Herself with a form.

I guess it is nothing wrong to see God however you wish. As long as the aspects of God are still attached to the form you give to the God. Having a conception of a formless God somehow seems funny, because a formless God still has attributes like omnipresence and omniscience. Can someone pls enlighten me on how you conceive a formless God and why?

2 thoughts on “Just some pondering…

  1. Deep!my views on "God" topic are simple enough.. God exists for those who want it to exist! I am not in either extremes.. i m a normal agnostic person.. okay.. formed or formless should nt be the question here.. see.. its difficult to imagine aliens without eyes or nose! we like keeping the image tht steven spielberg gave us! tht is our problem.. not this…god/aliens… pushpakavimaanam/UFO.. tht does ring a bell to me…Okay.. i m nt mocking the concept of God.. i very well agree with tht.. i grew up listening to mythology.. about Gods n Godesses setting an example to man as to hw he must lead his life..U know.. I think Krishnaa/Raamaa must have looked like NTR! Wht amazing face he has.. picture perfect for those roles..!I say.. there is nothing wrong with tht! If ppl want to see God in Superstar.. they can.. it's a free world!on a serious note.. u have a gr8 blog here!

  2. Hi Matangi! Thanks for your comments about the post and my blog 🙂 I really appreciate it. It has made me think a lot… I now want to write a blog post addressing your comments… But don't worry, I won't talk abt you or your comments, but just the agnostic viewpoint you have put forth. Because you know something? I once used to think like you too 🙂 There is nothing wrong in what you said. Whatever thoughts we had in the past, we don't have it now. Our thoughts and opinions have changed from being good to better. Similarly, doubting is better than blind belief in God. And knowledge of God is better than the doubting state of the mind 🙂 You just have to progress from the doubting state in your mind about God, to the state where you know for SURE that there is God. I have reached that state, but I am still on my journey in Knowing God completely.So once again Matangi, thanks!! :)Have a great day!~Priya~

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