Last post of year 2009! Welcome 2010!

Wow… I can’t believe that already a year has passed by. And what a wonderful year it has been! I am no longer the same person I was in the beginning of this year. This year has helped me mature a lot. There are certain things I cannot share publicly. But my close friends know when I say that a lot of things that happened in my life has made me mature a little further. Of course, I still haven’t tasted the full reality of this world yet. Because I’m still a student. But at least I got an idea of what’s out there…

I started my Diploma in Hinduism Teaching this year. And God, has it been wonderful! There were so many things I’ve learned this year! It has been a life-altering decision to take up this Diploma, and I’m thankful to God for opening up this door for me. I feel like I am continuing on a journey I left unfinished in my previous births…

The most wonderful thing about the second half of this year is the strengthening of the friendship bond. Lots of “going out” with friends, lots of “spending time together”, and I simply love it! Life is just all about simple and beautiful things. Its us who make it all complicated by thinking too much. One good lesson I’ve learned this year!

I made two new friends this year! Praga and Dinesh!! 🙂 I only wish this friendship will continue… Although now both are in Malaysia. I miss them!! I realise this year, I’ve made quite a number of friends, and most or all of them are from Malaysia!! Haha…

Studies keep going up and down, but my quest for Honours is still on-going. This semester my grades went down a little, but there is still a little hope next semester. This brings down to what I can expect to happen next year. Either I will graduate in May/June and join the workforce, or I will get better grades and proceed on with Honours year, graduating in 2011. Any way at all, next year’s going to be another turning point for me.

No matter what, I’m so thankful to my family, friends and God that everything is going on fine! 🙂 Thanks a lot dear friends, who have made this year a wonderful one for me! And even for a few of those who have given me unpleasant/depressing moments in my life, thanks for helping me to grow (over you)! Thanks dears! 🙂

A telugu song I like this time…

Name: Ne Tolisariga
Movie Name: Santosham
Original Singer: Usha
Ne tolisariga – by…


nE tolisaariga kalagannadi ninnE kadaa
naa kaLLeduruga nilichunnadi nuvvE kadaa
swapnama nuvvu satyama telichi cheppave priyatamaa
mounamO madhura gaanamO tanadi aDagave hRudayamaa
intalO chEruvai antalO dooramai andavaa snEhamaa

rekkalu toDigina talapunuvE kaada nEstamaa
ekkaDa vaalanu cheppunuvE sahavaasamaa
haddulu cheripina cheliminuvai naDipE deepama
vaddaku raakani aapakila anuraagama
naDakalu nErpina aaSevu kada
taDapaDa neeyaku kadilina kadha
vetikE manasuku mamatE panchumaa

prEma neetO parichayamE edO paapama
amRutamanukoni nammaTamE oka Saapama
nee oDi cherina prati madiki baadhE phalitamaa
teeyani ruchigala kaTika visham nuvvE sumaa
pedavula pai chiru navvula daga
kanapaDa neeyavu nippula sega
neeTiki aarani manTala roopama

nee aaTeEmiTO enaaTiki aapavu kadaa
nee paaTEmiTO E janTaki choopavu kadaaa
tenchukO neevu panchukO neevu inta chalagaaTama
cheppukO neevu tappukO neevu neeku idi nyayamaa
pErulO praNayama teerulO praLayama
pantamaa bandhamaa