What will you do?

What will you do if someone thinks bad of you even when you only meant good?

What will you do if someone thinks you are faking a smile, when you smiled sincerely from your heart?

What will you do if someone thinks you are a trickster, when you are only being friendly with them?

5 thoughts on “What will you do?

  1. I agree Sathej. But then, the hurt still doesn't go away. What we all are really looking for in others is assurance. Assurance that what I am doing for you, really helps you. When that assurance is not received, we are hurt. So the sorrow is in us, only we can remove/avoid it. I think other than sharing with a close friend (which I already did), we should also keep away from these people who don't appreciate what you are and what you do for them. It is their loss if they don't see you for who you really are.

  2. Thats very true! Very difficult for the hurt to go away. Have been through it at times. Yes, keeping away from such people who don't understand your sincere intentions has to be the way.Thats a nice point about the hurt/sorrow being from 'inside'. So true ! Sharing can help only to a certain extent..agreeSathej

  3. Sathej, what happened to your blog? How come it is not in your blogger profile page?Yeah Sathej. Thanks for your comments 🙂 Not only sorrow, even happiness, anger, jealousy, and all other feelings are all in us only. The object/person doesn't create anger in us, we create it ourselves. So only we can destroy these bad and unnecessary emotions in us. So also only we can create positive feelings in us… 🙂

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