I got all my modules!!

Ahh… I’m so happy today. My presentation in Hinduism class went well 🙂 My group was the first one to go, thank God! And so we finished it off. I was alright despite the fact that we only prepared on the day itself. I didn’t stammer this time, and my friend said I did well… I can’t believe it, but I am happy nonetheless.
Amongst all this tension, I did not check my bidding status for my modules. I bid only in the morning at 9am. I put 1200 points for MNO1001 Management and Organisation, and 840 points for SC2220 Gender Studies. The winning bids for MNO1001 was 651 and for SC2220 was 701. Thank God I got the modules!
I have always wanted to take MNO1001, since my first semester here in NUS. Now, I got the module when I have reached the end of my NUS life 😦 Well, I hope I would do well in this semester and I could continue on for my 4th year. Let’s see…
So this is my timetable for this semester:
It seems like I have so much of free time right? Haha. That is just an illusion. Only 4 modules are shown here. Well, I have a 5th module, which is my UROPS (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in Science) project. I would be spending all my free time and late nights in my lab doing experiments… Sigh. So this semester is not that easy for me. I would still have presentations, homeworks, etc. Especially this semester I am learning a new language, Hindi. Also not to mention, the Diploma course I’m doing every Sat. I’m thinking of also taking the Sanskrit Course conducted in Hindu Centre. So this semester will be a heavy one, but I will enjoy it for sure, as I am doing everything which I really like doing! 🙂

One thought on “I got all my modules!!

  1. Almost identical for me! I have just about 4 courses this semester (the final one), but its more hectic than ever! 😦 Research projects, applying to places and so on..Sathej

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