Teacher or The Teaching?

This is all I want to tell to all those people there still trapped in the ‘Nithy’ trap…

When you are on the path of seeking the Truth, because you have become fed up of your life, then you will be desperate enough to follow someone and anyone to attain your goal. But in that journey, you get so attached to the “teacher” and not his/her “teaching”! That is the mistake people make…
All these new age cults, if you notice, they are very teacher-centered. Examples include Isha, Shri Shri Ravishankar, whoever else, you name it! I agree that these people are doing good, doing charity, teaching meditation… But would you only learn all these meditation, yoga and stuff if all these come from a person wearing ocher robes?? Is that ocher robe really important??
Observe other groups that also have Swamis. Look at Chinmaya Mission and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. They are never teacher-oriented. They don’t even advertise their charity projects. In fact, you wouldn’t even have heard of Swami Chinmayananda or Swami Dayananda Saraswati until you come across them here in this blog. These people don’t advertise themselves in magazines, give discourses on youtube, etc. They teach Vedanta, and other Hinduism disciplines like Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, etc. And they charge minimal for that too…. Not to the extent of US$6000 for a 21-day programme!!
Believe in God, not people who claim themselves to be God. A truly realized person will never even openly tell that he is God. Because it is for him to understand, not for the others. Pls come out of the dark, people! Pls lets think by ourselves…

One thought on “Teacher or The Teaching?

  1. Good point on 'teacher' v/s teaching. For most people, reality and perception are so linked that they cannot tell the two apart.They associate the knowledge that they have gained with the experience that led to this knowledge being gained or the person imparting it, while actually, they are different things. All true knowledge is a manifestation of the absolute truth and nothing else, so it cannot be dependent on the method or experience that led to its perception. See my posts in Jan 2005 on my blog on 'Learning V/s Method of Learning' and 'Learning from Experience'

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