Just feeling like…

… I want to become nothing… go into nothingness… I don’t want to feel anything… I don’t want to think anything… I don’t want to know anything… I don’t want to do anything! 
I wish I could just jump down and drown in my own world, in my own dreams, and never come back to reality. It sucks! 
Thank God I have a little fear for heights. Thank God there is no river nearby my house. Otherwise, I would have jumped down into any one of them, whenever I think about nothing in life giving you the happiness you need… 
I know I am not the only one who’s feeling this. I wouldn’t even be feeling like this, if I were a poverty-stricken person like in Africa or India. I would have more pressing matters in my mind than to think of how uneventful life is…
I wish I know how to be free of all the shackles in life………..

3 thoughts on “Just feeling like…

  1. Where there is happiness, there is also sorrow. Happiness is temporary. True happiness (or bliss) cannot be found on the outside, or be given by anyone or any thing. Bliss is found within. SatChitAnanda is a state of being truth, consciousness and bliss. Once you are in this state, you will be content in the self and not hanker for happiness.

  2. Yes, Arjun! I know! Thanks for the comment! :)Although I should say, just a matter of semantics. Satchitananda is not a 'state'. It just is. If it is a 'state', then one has to get into that 'state' and they can also get out of that 'state'. It creates the notion of 'becoming' Satchitananda svarupa, whereas the Self is already satchitananda svarupa. 🙂

  3. The true Self is always satchitananda, but the true Self is not realized by the limited self. Once the true self is realized, all that is left is truth, consciousness and bliss. Once the true self is realized, one can never identify with the limited self as one used to before realization. It is not a 'becoming' but it is an 'awakening'. Wanting to go into nothingness is a state of slumber or tamas. WAKE UP!!

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