There are some secrets that are best if remained as secrets. Once they are out, your whole outlook in life changes. Many times this week I’ve felt like this world is going nowhere good. This feeling has not decreased but keeps increasing everyday.

First time in my life, I don’t feel proud at all. I feel deeply disgusted. My whole body is shrivelling with shame. It is not a nice feeling to hear such blatant truths about a person whom you have respected all along in your life. It is simply disgusting!! I hope that person gets what he deserves!!

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  1. Change is the ONLY constant. And believe it or not, people change ALL the time. that is why you can never entirely know a person even if u've spent ur whole life with him/her. and situations and circumstances also drive them to do a lot of things. which is why people never fail to surprise u, some are good some are bitter but have to be dealt with anyway.. looking forward to meeting u soon dearie.. *hugs*

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