BK: Dangerous or peace-loving?

The ‘wanting’ to belong somewhere, like in a cult, is just a feeling of inadequacy you have in yourself. Because without that particular organisation that you belong to, you cannot survive, you cannot live peacefully. This only means that you have become dependent on something that is slowly taking over your mind, body and soul. When this has happened, there is no way out. Or the only way out is too far ahead, that you have to struggle immensely to bring out your feathers and fly away as far as you can from the cult organisation you once belonged to.

This link tells the truth about this particular cult organisation I have come across. Not only did I learn about this through this website, I have had personal experiences too. I have a few friends who are currently in this cult, one or two of them are in it for many years. I don’t know what they go through during their “sessions” or whatever they call it. I don’t know whether they are exposed to the teachings I have learned of them through their organisation’s website. But their behaviour is typical of a fully indoctrinated BK.

It seems like the people stuck in this doomsday cult, believing that the world is going to end and that only their God can save them, are pretty stupid. If their ‘god’ is really the God, then that God is all-powerful. If so, then the God who can bring down a cataclysmic event that destroys the entire Earth, would also be able to save the billions of people. If the God is almighty as they claim, then the God would not be choosy and judgemental enough to say that only a few chosen ones will survive and the rest will perish. This simple thinking itself shows how idiotic their teachings are. Finally, claiming that the Earth is only 5000 years old, is beyond stupidity. Science has already proven that the Earth and this Universe is much much older. In fact, there are fossils dating a few billion years old!!

Many of their beliefs take the form of practices in Hinduism, but it is definitely NOT Hinduism!! This is because the Hindu Dharma would never tell you to be celibate even after marriage and it would never tell you to see and treat your spouse as a sibling!! Hindu Dharma would not force you to be strictly vegetarians. The ‘Raja Yoga’ they teach, is definitely not the Raja Yoga given by Patanjali. If it was, then the BK has no right to claim it as its own version! Therefore, adorning a garb of ‘Hinduism’ or some form of Eastern influence through the use of its borrowed lingo, the BK is showing itself as being not far from Hinduism. Because of this, many Indians think that they are following a spiritual path within the confines of Hindu Dharma, being completely satisfied with their chosen life path, but they are being grossly misled!!

Another interesting point to note is that every cult focuses on charity. They teach charity, showing compassion to the needy, helping the poor, building hospitals, collecting donations, etc. This is their bait that they throw at people. Some cults modernise themselves and appear to be teaching ‘stress-management’ and ‘how to live happily’… All these are simple baits to lure you into the cult and marry you off to their ‘god’.

All I say is people, please come out of it! Be it any cult you are in, be it any leader you are following, just put aside some time and reflect on why you are in the cult. Think about whether first of all, is it a cult? Does it have all the signs of a cult? Talk to people who have left the cult organisation for some reason or other. Learn why they decided to leave. If you think the cult you are in, be it BK, AOL or Nityananda’s DhyanaPeetam, is genuine, then why would so many people leave and say bad things about it? Please think through if you have certain inadequacies in life, and if they are met, would you be willing to leave the cult? Think about whether you would be able to live without being part of the cult. If you can, then it means that they haven’t controlled your mind. It means that you are free to leave anytime you want, so you are not bound to it. If they are making you feel guilty, then remember that they are already controlling you!

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