New Year… New Semester…

White washed ceilings and walls

Piles of books and files

Tabs opened with facebook and youtube

A dairy with days to count down

I am back to my life in Sydney. Boring in the morning and night, yet exciting throughout the rest of the day… I wish I was asleep throughout this year and let the time fly past me like a concord! I don’t feel so homesick this time and that is all through God’s grace. Just before I left Sg, I prayed to Ganesha to please not give me so much homesickness. I am so glad that God answered my prayers… I did feel sad on the first day. But now I feel better. Thanks to God!

Summer session has started, and classes are going on right now. Such an intensive period of time during the semester, the mid-sem exam is about a week away and the final exam under a month away!! I have to do nothing now, except study all the time. Company law is a tough subject. I hope I get through it.

Studies aside, I think this semester will be fun. Because there are quite some places I wish to travel to. Right now in my mind are two place: Newcastle and Cairns. Newcastle, to visit Uma, my friend who has just moved there to commence her studies. Cairns, to see the Great Barrier Reef!!! 🙂 This is something for me to look forward to!

Travel plans in this year: I wish to visit Melbourne and New Zealand for sure! Hopefully I can do this in April. Let’s see if I get some friends to go with! 🙂

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