Self-hating Indians…

It is very interesting to note that most of the Indians I’ve seen recently, be it here in Sydney or back in Singapore, are not very ‘Indian’. In fact, they do not want to be associated with the stereotypical ‘Indian’ character as can be found in India. They want to be shown as someone different and unique. This applies to also those who leave India to come and live in other countries. On one hand, it is heartening, but on the other hand, it’s simply sad that they are on their way to becoming self-hating Indians, taking more interest in other cultures rather than on their own.

I just want to come out and openly declare that I hate such people! I know that they are entitled to their opinions and thoughts. I know that they don’t like to be associated to ‘Indians’ and therefore hate their own people and culture. But I simply cannot accept it! In every population, you find all kinds of people. You find people with whom you can get along with and people whom you cannot tolerate with. I do agree that some people in India are backward-thinking and most of them are selfish. But that is no reason to hate your country and countrymen, the very roots of your existence!

India has a very rich ancestry and historical background, of which very few people are totally aware of. If only all of us are fully aware of our heritage, we can never again find any self-hating Indians or Hindus anywhere in this world! I don’t know a lot of information about my country’s history yet, but I am very proud of being Indian. As an Indian, I want to contribute my knowledge of my heritage to this world, so that it would be of help to all of the people in some way. I would feel very happy if all Indians feel this way too, but ideals are like words etched on water.

Coming back to self-hating Indians, I don’t have anything to say to them. But I utterly dislike them. We don’t realise that when we sometimes act in that way. For example, when you are overseas in some other country and use an “English name” instead of your real name for the ease of pronounciation. It might seem like a polite thing to do. But the Chinese people don’t do that. The Europeans never did that. Why don’t the Indians just use their names, which have been given to them not in a simple way, but through a naming ceremony conducted with prayers?

This is just a small issue so a small example. But looking at a wider issue, of both Indian men and women wanting to date and/or marry someone of another culture. I am not against interracial marriages. There is nothing right or wrong about it. But in the name of it, why should one let go of one’s cultural roots and adapt another’s, worse yet, being forced to adapt another’s culture or religion? My issue or problem is with Indian men, and some Indian women too, who deliberately want to have a relationship with a person from a different cultural and racial background, mainly because they despise their own people! It’s sickening!

There is a lot of merits in mixing around with people from all types of cultural backgrounds and if an union were to form between two different races, its fantastic! But one should never forget one’s own cultural background, especially when the Indian culture is so abound with many merits. There are faults, but one has to search deeper beyond the faults to find the true meaning behind things. Therein lies the beauty of Hinduism.

Good days ahead I hope…

I don’t know why, but suddenly I’ve been thinking about this. Do good things come to those who wait? Or do they come to those who go looking for it? I have always been the one waiting. Maybe its time for me to go looking for good things instead of waiting for it to happen. This has become my primary resolution this year!

This is the year I will be spending in Australia and I want to make a good use of it. Because after this, I don’t know if I would get any such opportunity to be living alone in a new country. I don’t know what the future has in store for me 2013 onwards. But as with 2012, I am simply going to enjoy my life in Australia 🙂

So far, it has been a good start of the year and its been progressing very well. I feel emotionally stronger this year and I am happy too. Sure, good things have come to me while I have been waiting for the past 4 years! I have had a rough 4 years since the day I started my undergraduate studies in 2007. Huge amounts of workload in Uni, emotional downturns, stress, constant failures and loss of interest in studies… But none of them is happening this time, I am glad for it! The Uni life here in Sydney is much better! It makes me wonder sometimes if my life would have been different if I had been brought up here instead.

This year has so much to offer to me! I will wait till the end to find out if I want to stay here or leave to Singapore, my homeland!

Something good…

After a long time, I am beginning to feel peaceful and finding it easy to just sit back and enjoy life as it comes. I am really lucky to be feeling this way. I am exploring new places, having new experiences, and more importantly discovering myself through this journey, eventhough it is only a trip to study abroad. I am without any regrets today about making this choice. It makes me feel stupid about having to think of getting out of here last year! I guess everyone feels that way when they are out of their house for the first time in their life!

New Year… New Semester…

White washed ceilings and walls

Piles of books and files

Tabs opened with facebook and youtube

A dairy with days to count down

I am back to my life in Sydney. Boring in the morning and night, yet exciting throughout the rest of the day… I wish I was asleep throughout this year and let the time fly past me like a concord! I don’t feel so homesick this time and that is all through God’s grace. Just before I left Sg, I prayed to Ganesha to please not give me so much homesickness. I am so glad that God answered my prayers… I did feel sad on the first day. But now I feel better. Thanks to God!

Summer session has started, and classes are going on right now. Such an intensive period of time during the semester, the mid-sem exam is about a week away and the final exam under a month away!! I have to do nothing now, except study all the time. Company law is a tough subject. I hope I get through it.

Studies aside, I think this semester will be fun. Because there are quite some places I wish to travel to. Right now in my mind are two place: Newcastle and Cairns. Newcastle, to visit Uma, my friend who has just moved there to commence her studies. Cairns, to see the Great Barrier Reef!!! 🙂 This is something for me to look forward to!

Travel plans in this year: I wish to visit Melbourne and New Zealand for sure! Hopefully I can do this in April. Let’s see if I get some friends to go with! 🙂

BK: Dangerous or peace-loving?

The ‘wanting’ to belong somewhere, like in a cult, is just a feeling of inadequacy you have in yourself. Because without that particular organisation that you belong to, you cannot survive, you cannot live peacefully. This only means that you have become dependent on something that is slowly taking over your mind, body and soul. When this has happened, there is no way out. Or the only way out is too far ahead, that you have to struggle immensely to bring out your feathers and fly away as far as you can from the cult organisation you once belonged to.

This link tells the truth about this particular cult organisation I have come across. Not only did I learn about this through this website, I have had personal experiences too. I have a few friends who are currently in this cult, one or two of them are in it for many years. I don’t know what they go through during their “sessions” or whatever they call it. I don’t know whether they are exposed to the teachings I have learned of them through their organisation’s website. But their behaviour is typical of a fully indoctrinated BK.

It seems like the people stuck in this doomsday cult, believing that the world is going to end and that only their God can save them, are pretty stupid. If their ‘god’ is really the God, then that God is all-powerful. If so, then the God who can bring down a cataclysmic event that destroys the entire Earth, would also be able to save the billions of people. If the God is almighty as they claim, then the God would not be choosy and judgemental enough to say that only a few chosen ones will survive and the rest will perish. This simple thinking itself shows how idiotic their teachings are. Finally, claiming that the Earth is only 5000 years old, is beyond stupidity. Science has already proven that the Earth and this Universe is much much older. In fact, there are fossils dating a few billion years old!!

Many of their beliefs take the form of practices in Hinduism, but it is definitely NOT Hinduism!! This is because the Hindu Dharma would never tell you to be celibate even after marriage and it would never tell you to see and treat your spouse as a sibling!! Hindu Dharma would not force you to be strictly vegetarians. The ‘Raja Yoga’ they teach, is definitely not the Raja Yoga given by Patanjali. If it was, then the BK has no right to claim it as its own version! Therefore, adorning a garb of ‘Hinduism’ or some form of Eastern influence through the use of its borrowed lingo, the BK is showing itself as being not far from Hinduism. Because of this, many Indians think that they are following a spiritual path within the confines of Hindu Dharma, being completely satisfied with their chosen life path, but they are being grossly misled!!

Another interesting point to note is that every cult focuses on charity. They teach charity, showing compassion to the needy, helping the poor, building hospitals, collecting donations, etc. This is their bait that they throw at people. Some cults modernise themselves and appear to be teaching ‘stress-management’ and ‘how to live happily’… All these are simple baits to lure you into the cult and marry you off to their ‘god’.

All I say is people, please come out of it! Be it any cult you are in, be it any leader you are following, just put aside some time and reflect on why you are in the cult. Think about whether first of all, is it a cult? Does it have all the signs of a cult? Talk to people who have left the cult organisation for some reason or other. Learn why they decided to leave. If you think the cult you are in, be it BK, AOL or Nityananda’s DhyanaPeetam, is genuine, then why would so many people leave and say bad things about it? Please think through if you have certain inadequacies in life, and if they are met, would you be willing to leave the cult? Think about whether you would be able to live without being part of the cult. If you can, then it means that they haven’t controlled your mind. It means that you are free to leave anytime you want, so you are not bound to it. If they are making you feel guilty, then remember that they are already controlling you!

First post for 2012 :)

Wow… I can’t believe myself that it has been so long since I’ve written a post in this blog. I haven’t been busy, I admit it. I was just not in the mood to sit and write a post about all that is happening in my life right now. Too many things to talk about and bore the people reading my blog. So I have decided to write about 2011 in general and leave out the details to be divulged in a friendly chat with people I’m close to.

A new beginning… That is what we are all heading towards. But at the same time, we should not forget our past that has paved the way to our new beginning. 2011 has been an immensely satisfying year for me. The beginning was horrible. I was depressed about not defining my place in life. I was shocked at the revelation that my career was in a pit. But the situation improved during the middle of the year when I got into Macquarie University in Sydney to do a Masters in Accounting. I never thought I would be traversing this career path, but alas, here I am.

The last six months have been both sad and happy. Sad because I had to part with my dear family and friends. Happy because I was out there myself, exploring a new land, new people and new environment. This is the first time I travelled by myself, lived by myself and had a taste of that independence that I longed for. The only thing was that I wasn’t living off myself. I was being sponsored by my dad. Haha.

For 2012, I am looking forward to a great year as I will be spending all four seasons down south. I hope to travel to places I’ve longed to travel to, such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Fiji… I hope to meet new people and make new friends. I do aim to excel in my career field as well. The first semester grades were extremely rewarding, thanks to God! I hope I can continue to do well that way, with God’s grace…

This year seems to be offering me with more opportunities in my life, I can see the entire year filled with activities and engagements. I hope to make full use of them for my interpersonal growth. Such and a lot more are my resolutions for the upcoming year 2012… 🙂

I have another week left in Singapore to spend a good amount of time with my family. I’ll be flying off to Sydney on the 9th of January. I wish that more things happen in my life this year, just like every girl wishes to happen, making it a year filled with meaning! 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you have a prosperous year ahead!

Fireworks @ Marina Bay

Just an update

Travelling to a foreign country to pursue your futher studies, while leaving behind your loved ones, is a daunting experience. But I realised this only in the first few weeks after my dad left Sydney after he settled me here. Before that I was excited to be going to a new place, as I know it would be the first time I would have to live by myself and depend on no one. Later it became very difficult to the point I was badly depressed and wanted to go back to Singapore. 
As weeks went by, as classes started and my schedule began to look filled with activities (some of which I purposefully filled up even though I didn’t need them), I got over the depression and I started to normalize things and experiences around me. I think it is natural and everyone goes through this. Frankly speaking, this experience is way better than the prospect of getting married and leaving my house to live with some stranger!!! I prefer this because I can still retain some form of independence, which I don’t intend to loose anyway, even if I get married! 
The past week has been really horrible, cramming for exams in the last minute. I hope it doesn’t happen again and I will make sure I don’t go through cramming again! People may think I’m really studious! But I just don’t care. I want to be prepared early on! So in the coming weeks, I am going to gradually start studying for the finals, which is like around 6-7 weeks away… 
The only thing I really miss is doing my daily prayers and chanting. I try to do, but I can’t keep up. This week I am taking the resolution to do chanting and manasa puja (doing a puja through meditation, mentally, by chanting shiva manasa puja). Chanting is really beneficial and I don’t want my mind to rot without the rejuvenation I get from chanting! I think it was because of my chanting daily for the past 2 years that has helped me improve my clarity in thinking and organising my thoughts. Not to mention, my improved eyesight!! 🙂 
P.S. If you want to improve your eyesight, do chant Aditya Hrdayam, which is a really powerful hymn praising the Sun Lord. Sun is the presiding deity for the sense of sight. Chant it everyday to see the results, but it will take time. Chant with devotion and faith (pending discovery) 🙂

(I would) Love to be in Love…

All of us have our dreams of our future life partner. We have many expectations. 

He should be a degree holder.
He should be an engineer.
He should be above 170cm in height.
He should be a Hindu.
He should be a ……..
So many expectations….
But when we meet the right person and fall in love, all those expectations just go to the bin. 
Such a love is unconditional.
Will I be lucky enough to experience it? 🙂

I Miss Paper!

You might be wondering what the post title actually means. Yes, I miss paper! I miss the feel of having a paper in my hands while I read it. It has been ages since I read news from a newspaper. I feel that in my life for the past few years, I have stopped using paper altogether. I have been doing my assignments in word documents as I have to submit softcopies only. I have been reading news from online websites. My social life is extensive mainly because of social networking sites. Otherwise, I would not have as many friends as I have right now on Facebook!
Where is this leading us? What is going to happen in the future if this continues? Are we really progressing towards success or failure? We seem to be moving too fast, we have lost track of whether we are moving in the right direction. I feel that our development is not sustainable. 
It is predicted that every year the power of computers keeps doubling. That is an exponential growth, unimaginable! Not only that, the price of that computer will also keep decreasing. Four years ago I bought a dual core Intel processor laptop for $2,500 (it was an amazing laptop that is still working, never once got spoiled!), and 2 months back I bought an Intel core i5 processor laptop for $1,600. Power is greater, but price has decreased. Soon, we will have a computer with the power of the human brain, but only a $1,000 worth! What will happen after that? Will humans become obsolete? 
I read an article, ‘How the internet makes us stupid‘. An excerpt from the article reads,

Greenfield concluded that ”every medium develops some cognitive skills at the expense of others”. Our growing use of screen-based media, she said, has strengthened visual-spatial intelligence, which can strengthen the ability to do jobs that involve keeping track of lots of rapidly changing signals, such as piloting a plane or monitoring a patient during surgery. But that has been accompanied by ”new weaknesses in higher-order cognitive processes”, including ”abstract vocabulary, mindfulness, reflection, inductive problem solving, critical thinking, and imagination”. We’re becoming, in a word, shallower.

This article makes me wonder if I have become shallower as well! Because I am quite a heavy user of the internet. If you ask me to categorise my daily activities, the time I spend with internet in front of me would take the majority of the day. Not because I have nothing else better to do. But because my world has been superimposed upon the computer screen! My study materials are there, my friends and family are there, my music is there, my entertainment is there… Everything is here on the internet. I wonder sometimes if I can live without the internet, and I think I can, but not for long! Maybe I can go without internet and computer if there is something else in ‘real life’ that is taking away all my attention for a length of time. If that is the case, then yes, I can live without the internet. 
We have stopped watching TV, and we are instead watching it on the Net. We don’t read newspapers, but we read it on the Net. We don’t go out for movies these days, we watch it on the Net. It is scaring to think about the future, if this continues. Maybe in the future, we don’t have to go to school for education, we can learn everything online! Maybe people might get married online! What else, I wonder?

In Sydney!

My first post from Sydney. This post signifies that I have settled in well in Sydney and that is how I have the mood to blog! After more than a month’s time, first time I feel at ‘home’ here. It is amazing that I went through this transformation from being excited to depressed and finally attaining normalcy, fairly quickly. Usually it would take people longer. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss home! I do miss all of them a lot! But now, they have become more of a pleasant memory than a longing to be with them.
What I would share to prospective students going to study abroad, away from their home country, would be to only go to a country, in which they know someone, be it a friend or relative, is residing. This has been a great help for me! Especially when this is my first time parting with my family for a long period of time. But the experience is worth it. It is good to be independent, and we have to learn it in a hard way. I feel I’ve underestimated my ability to leave my friends and family and live away from them, after coming here. But I thank God for having made me get over it soon. Also, thanks for Macquarie University! The workload itself was enough to keep me busy 🙂
The units I am taking this semester are: Economic Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Principles of Accounting and Business Law. All challenging subjects, but also pretty basic! Econs is interesting, especially for a beginner like me. Although my friends who have studied Econs have no interest in it. QM is basically stats, which I am very familiar with, so no problem there 🙂 Accounting unit is interesting and I’ve started doing my debits and credits, haha… And finally the Biz Law! Toughest subject of all the units I am taking this Sem. Lots and lots of cases to remember and memorise! Not to mention the legal jargon, having to study about the Australian legal system… Its pretty similar to Singapore, but there are differences too. All in all, the units are interesting, which is what is keeping me go on…
I hope to blog regularly. I wish I can, let’s see if time permits me to do so.