(I would) Love to be in Love…

All of us have our dreams of our future life partner. We have many expectations. 

He should be a degree holder.
He should be an engineer.
He should be above 170cm in height.
He should be a Hindu.
He should be a ……..
So many expectations….
But when we meet the right person and fall in love, all those expectations just go to the bin. 
Such a love is unconditional.
Will I be lucky enough to experience it? 🙂

I love you…

I can’t understand love! What kind of a feeling is love? Sometimes I simply don’t understand how is it that people actually fall in love immediately at the first meeting itself!! That’s what is happening in this movie called Varanam Aayiram.

Funny isn’t it? Typical of a movie. Maybe I’m not “experienced” enough in this issue to actually comment on falling in love at first sight. But does such a thing actually exist?? Even if it does I don’t think it can ever be true love.

Then this raises the question on what is “true love”? I’m not claiming that I have experienced true love to actually know what it is. But I simply know what it is like without even experiencing it. And I’m sure a lot of you out there also have an idea of what true love feels like. Showing affection and care for someone, without any expectations from them is true love according to me. Definitions might change, but the feeling remains the same. The moment when physical attraction comes into this kind of feeling you have for someone, then it is not true love anymore. It is romantic love, that comes along with a certain percentage of lust, and is not permanent. It won’t stay. But the feelings of true love will never change. True love is also about accepting a person as he or she is. So even if the person changes, you would still care for him/her and want them to be always happy with whatever life they choose.

I’m a person who believes in true love. And I believe that if you truly and sincerely love someone, in the way I’ve described, then you would surely get what you wished for. But one must learn to remain neutral. No matter what the outcome is, one must learn to accept and move on.

Oh gosh!! I can’t believe I’m writing all this here.. Haha.. I’ve become too serious. Must change my ways… Anyway, Surya has acted very well in Varanam Aayiram! Go watch it people!! And for my peeps, go watch it after your exams!!!! =)