Good days ahead I hope…

I don’t know why, but suddenly I’ve been thinking about this. Do good things come to those who wait? Or do they come to those who go looking for it? I have always been the one waiting. Maybe its time for me to go looking for good things instead of waiting for it to happen. This has become my primary resolution this year!

This is the year I will be spending in Australia and I want to make a good use of it. Because after this, I don’t know if I would get any such opportunity to be living alone in a new country. I don’t know what the future has in store for me 2013 onwards. But as with 2012, I am simply going to enjoy my life in Australia 🙂

So far, it has been a good start of the year and its been progressing very well. I feel emotionally stronger this year and I am happy too. Sure, good things have come to me while I have been waiting for the past 4 years! I have had a rough 4 years since the day I started my undergraduate studies in 2007. Huge amounts of workload in Uni, emotional downturns, stress, constant failures and loss of interest in studies… But none of them is happening this time, I am glad for it! The Uni life here in Sydney is much better! It makes me wonder sometimes if my life would have been different if I had been brought up here instead.

This year has so much to offer to me! I will wait till the end to find out if I want to stay here or leave to Singapore, my homeland!

New Year… New Semester…

White washed ceilings and walls

Piles of books and files

Tabs opened with facebook and youtube

A dairy with days to count down

I am back to my life in Sydney. Boring in the morning and night, yet exciting throughout the rest of the day… I wish I was asleep throughout this year and let the time fly past me like a concord! I don’t feel so homesick this time and that is all through God’s grace. Just before I left Sg, I prayed to Ganesha to please not give me so much homesickness. I am so glad that God answered my prayers… I did feel sad on the first day. But now I feel better. Thanks to God!

Summer session has started, and classes are going on right now. Such an intensive period of time during the semester, the mid-sem exam is about a week away and the final exam under a month away!! I have to do nothing now, except study all the time. Company law is a tough subject. I hope I get through it.

Studies aside, I think this semester will be fun. Because there are quite some places I wish to travel to. Right now in my mind are two place: Newcastle and Cairns. Newcastle, to visit Uma, my friend who has just moved there to commence her studies. Cairns, to see the Great Barrier Reef!!! 🙂 This is something for me to look forward to!

Travel plans in this year: I wish to visit Melbourne and New Zealand for sure! Hopefully I can do this in April. Let’s see if I get some friends to go with! 🙂

In Sydney!

My first post from Sydney. This post signifies that I have settled in well in Sydney and that is how I have the mood to blog! After more than a month’s time, first time I feel at ‘home’ here. It is amazing that I went through this transformation from being excited to depressed and finally attaining normalcy, fairly quickly. Usually it would take people longer. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss home! I do miss all of them a lot! But now, they have become more of a pleasant memory than a longing to be with them.
What I would share to prospective students going to study abroad, away from their home country, would be to only go to a country, in which they know someone, be it a friend or relative, is residing. This has been a great help for me! Especially when this is my first time parting with my family for a long period of time. But the experience is worth it. It is good to be independent, and we have to learn it in a hard way. I feel I’ve underestimated my ability to leave my friends and family and live away from them, after coming here. But I thank God for having made me get over it soon. Also, thanks for Macquarie University! The workload itself was enough to keep me busy 🙂
The units I am taking this semester are: Economic Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Principles of Accounting and Business Law. All challenging subjects, but also pretty basic! Econs is interesting, especially for a beginner like me. Although my friends who have studied Econs have no interest in it. QM is basically stats, which I am very familiar with, so no problem there 🙂 Accounting unit is interesting and I’ve started doing my debits and credits, haha… And finally the Biz Law! Toughest subject of all the units I am taking this Sem. Lots and lots of cases to remember and memorise! Not to mention the legal jargon, having to study about the Australian legal system… Its pretty similar to Singapore, but there are differences too. All in all, the units are interesting, which is what is keeping me go on…
I hope to blog regularly. I wish I can, let’s see if time permits me to do so.

Macquarie University – Flying in July :)

The more I get to know about Macquarie University and Sydney, the more I am excited about going to Australia! It is simply amazing that such a dramatic change is happening in my life at this point of time. Two months ago, I was nowhere in life. Now I am at least somewhere. I am glad I am not undecided about my future, and that is a feeling I don’t want anyone to feel. It is the most confusing point of time in your life, that moment when you simply don’t know what to do in your life. But the moment you come out of this feeling and face the world with a hard-built conviction to follow a particular path you like very much, that is the moment you don’t want to forget. 

I am glad to have chosen Macquarie University. It is an amazing place and a pretty good university in Australia (ranked 9th). Its business faculty is way better than the one in University of Sydney. I got offers from both the universities but I chose Macquarie because of this reason alone. Also because of the cost, USYD was charging way too much for the tuition fees. Macquarie was okay for us.

After the offer arrived from MQ, everything else happened very quickly. I got my student visa within a week. I got my accommodation too within a week. That was real fast actually. This is cool… I feel very excited to go to Sydney. From what I saw on google map, it looks like an amazing place, calm and full of greenery. The climate too is not really extreme, it is a temperate climate. But I heard that July is its coldest month. And that is another thing about Australia. Their summer is December to February actually…

This is what my room might look like (but I will post actual pictures once I reach Sydney).

Amazing right? I got the East side apartment in the Macquarie University Village. I might be checking in there on the 20th or 21st of July. That means I will be leaving Singapore on the 19th of July. The prospect of leaving my family and everything else dear to me is daunting. But at the same time, the thought and the possibility of coming back to Singapore next year in January for a month is comforting. Not to mention the technology that has shrunk the world. My best friend in Sydney is going to be Skype…