Raavanan below par?

It is amazing that films like Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, Ayirathil Oruvan, Raavanan, etc. never make it above par in any part of India. Exactly what is wrong with such films? Yes, its true that when you first watch these films, you go like, ‘what the..?’ But when you think deeper of it, many new attempts have been made in various aspects of movie-making. The imagination, the art, the screenplay, the cinematography, and so on. Many attempts are being made to improve Tamil Film Industry and its decomposing standards. 
But the story is totally different when it comes to people’s opinions. They have already been ‘conditioned’ to like cheesy, commercial films like Sura, Villu, Singam, etc. that have nothing new in it, are heavily stereotyped, and commercialised to sell like hot cakes! Then it is ‘of course’ that people prefer these kinda films as compared to ‘art movies’ like those stated in the beginning of this post. 
Just imagine the kind of hard work, imagination, creativity and dedication that has gone into making Raavanan. Would any film director of these commercial movies (I don’t even know their names!) be able to take such a story like Raavanan’s and picturise it so beautifully?? Even though the story is something that we know of, you would be surprised of how many people (let alone Indians!) have no clue as to what Ramayana is all about!! It takes talent, imagination, creativity, and a gifted vision to make such a movie possible. 
It is true that Oscar-winning movies are never really most-watched before it wins an Oscar, but after it does, MANY people watch it and it suddenly becomes the most-watched movie! It seems that people like to stick with what others like, and are never really bold enough to form their own opinions and views, no matter how diametrically opposed they are to that which the society deems as right. What a sad case!
So here is it… I like movies that I mentioned above, and to top it up, I like Eeram, Yaavarum Nalam, etc. etc. Any movie that doesn’t belong to the category of commercial entertainers… These movies stand in my mind longer than the commercial ones, which I do watch also, but the instant I leave the theatre or finish watching the movie, I forget about it. Those movies are only 3-hours of pure entertainment, nothing more. Something like a one-night-stand versus a long-term relationship!!

Raavanan? :)

I might just have sat down in front of this laptop, wanting to write a post on the new movie Raavanan which I watched yesterday. But then, I found that there is no point to say something that has already been told by others! 🙂
I found the cinematography wonderful! Music was awesome! Vikram stole the show! Aish was lovely! Period.


I don’t make it a point to comment about movies extensively. Neither am I going to do this for this post. But I just want to say something here. Please go watch Neninthe telugu movie on youtube, which comes with subtitles in english.
It is a movie about cinema. It actually made me re-think my pre-conceived notions I had on cinema. A good movie overall.
On the side note, I can’t wait to go to my new house!! 🙂 Sigh…

Ingenious music copy!

If it is one thing I hate the most when it comes to music, it is music copied out of somewhere. When I first viewed the Billa trailer and heard the Billa theme music, I thought well, it was a genuine attempt by Yuvan in composing such a stylish music… Well. I don’t agree with this anymore. Just compare the following two music.The first one is the Billa trailer music video… The second one is a similar music video of Martin Mystery…