A Tribute to NUS…

Wow… I never thought this day would come this fast! On 10th July 2010, Saturday, at 10am in NUS UCC was my Commencement Ceremony. I am now officially graduated from NUS, with a Bachelors Degree in Life Sciences, Pass with merit. So I guess its the end of the journey? Apparently not, according to a lot of people. It is the commencement of a new chapter in your life. 
But I see it as an end to my joyful days in life. Friends have all scattered off and gone in different directions, becoming busy in their own lives. Have to get a job, have to get a house, have to get married, etc, etc… Life moves on, in different directions though. I don’t know if I will ever meet some of my friends after that evening. And if I do, then I know for sure that those friends will be with me for long!
I don’t know how all those times went by. Everything seemed like it just started yesterday. I simply loved my time in NUS, especially the parts I spent with my friends. Not the stressful times in exam halls and labs! I really will miss them all. But at this point of time, I really have to thank my friends for making it a wonderful time in NUS! I thank Kasturi, Chanta, Mathu, Jayu, most of all!! I know we girls will stick together for a long time to come! Thanks for being there for me always! 🙂 I love you all!!! 
I have a lot of people to thank. But none of them will be reading this blog though. So I am only thanking people who will be reading this post 🙂 I had a wonderful 3 years of my life! Thanks girls! 🙂

The making of a graduate

Life seems to be free and open from where I stand now. I have completed my university education and I’m not thinking of what to do in life next. Of course, I have to go and find a job and start working. I will do just that. But I’ve come to realize that research is not something that I would want to do for the rest of my life. I have other interests to pursue. With God’s blessings, I hope I will be able to achieve what I set out for. 

I wouldn’t say that the struggle for life begins now that I have graduated. Instead, I see my whole life ahead of me, inviting me with open hands, for me to go and achieve whatever I want to! I feel that I have been empowered to seek whatever I want in life and achieve it. Was it the university education, or my friends, or the books I read, I don’t know. But I feel like I’ve grown so much and yet still not grown fully. There is lots more in life to learn, I realize!

Neither am I scared of my future prospects. Whatever it is, I will have to face it. All I have to do is never to loose sight of my individuality. Easier said than done… Sigh. 

Wish me luck!

Tough choice…. Feeling down…

Sigh… Now I have to drop my MNO1001 Management and Organisation module so that I can take LAH2201 Hindi 2… I really wanted both the modules, but they are clashing, so I had to choose one. I chose Hindi, although I wanted MNO1001 since my first year.
I oddly feel so lonely nowadays… It has been ages since I’ve gone out with my friends. Why am I feeling like this? Not only that, but I also feel I have no friends who understand me fully. I am not saying that they have not been good friends. But just that I want to have a friend who understands me better than anyone else. Someone with whom I can relate to very well, and share my feelings with without any restrictions.
You know sometimes this kind of friend can even be a stranger. It is funny, but sometimes with a stranger you can be very free and outspoken, especially because you have no expectations from him/her. It is an odd feeling. I know this but I have not experienced this.
I don’t know why I am feeling this way. I have to get used to my loneliness and to the fact that there is only me who understands me better than anyone else. Or I should say there is only God who understands me better than anyone else. And I happy with this.

I got all my modules!!

Ahh… I’m so happy today. My presentation in Hinduism class went well 🙂 My group was the first one to go, thank God! And so we finished it off. I was alright despite the fact that we only prepared on the day itself. I didn’t stammer this time, and my friend said I did well… I can’t believe it, but I am happy nonetheless.
Amongst all this tension, I did not check my bidding status for my modules. I bid only in the morning at 9am. I put 1200 points for MNO1001 Management and Organisation, and 840 points for SC2220 Gender Studies. The winning bids for MNO1001 was 651 and for SC2220 was 701. Thank God I got the modules!
I have always wanted to take MNO1001, since my first semester here in NUS. Now, I got the module when I have reached the end of my NUS life 😦 Well, I hope I would do well in this semester and I could continue on for my 4th year. Let’s see…
So this is my timetable for this semester:
It seems like I have so much of free time right? Haha. That is just an illusion. Only 4 modules are shown here. Well, I have a 5th module, which is my UROPS (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in Science) project. I would be spending all my free time and late nights in my lab doing experiments… Sigh. So this semester is not that easy for me. I would still have presentations, homeworks, etc. Especially this semester I am learning a new language, Hindi. Also not to mention, the Diploma course I’m doing every Sat. I’m thinking of also taking the Sanskrit Course conducted in Hindu Centre. So this semester will be a heavy one, but I will enjoy it for sure, as I am doing everything which I really like doing! 🙂

SPS is over!!

Gosh I can’t believe it!!! SPS is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Haha.. I’m really happy and glad that from now on, I’m on my own in SPS. No more group work!! What a journey it had been! So much of work and effort put into a 4 MC module! Well, I’m glad its finally over..

Time to study… Seriously… 8 days to go before my first paper… Metabolism and Regulation =)