I Miss Paper!

You might be wondering what the post title actually means. Yes, I miss paper! I miss the feel of having a paper in my hands while I read it. It has been ages since I read news from a newspaper. I feel that in my life for the past few years, I have stopped using paper altogether. I have been doing my assignments in word documents as I have to submit softcopies only. I have been reading news from online websites. My social life is extensive mainly because of social networking sites. Otherwise, I would not have as many friends as I have right now on Facebook!
Where is this leading us? What is going to happen in the future if this continues? Are we really progressing towards success or failure? We seem to be moving too fast, we have lost track of whether we are moving in the right direction. I feel that our development is not sustainable. 
It is predicted that every year the power of computers keeps doubling. That is an exponential growth, unimaginable! Not only that, the price of that computer will also keep decreasing. Four years ago I bought a dual core Intel processor laptop for $2,500 (it was an amazing laptop that is still working, never once got spoiled!), and 2 months back I bought an Intel core i5 processor laptop for $1,600. Power is greater, but price has decreased. Soon, we will have a computer with the power of the human brain, but only a $1,000 worth! What will happen after that? Will humans become obsolete? 
I read an article, ‘How the internet makes us stupid‘. An excerpt from the article reads,

Greenfield concluded that ”every medium develops some cognitive skills at the expense of others”. Our growing use of screen-based media, she said, has strengthened visual-spatial intelligence, which can strengthen the ability to do jobs that involve keeping track of lots of rapidly changing signals, such as piloting a plane or monitoring a patient during surgery. But that has been accompanied by ”new weaknesses in higher-order cognitive processes”, including ”abstract vocabulary, mindfulness, reflection, inductive problem solving, critical thinking, and imagination”. We’re becoming, in a word, shallower.

This article makes me wonder if I have become shallower as well! Because I am quite a heavy user of the internet. If you ask me to categorise my daily activities, the time I spend with internet in front of me would take the majority of the day. Not because I have nothing else better to do. But because my world has been superimposed upon the computer screen! My study materials are there, my friends and family are there, my music is there, my entertainment is there… Everything is here on the internet. I wonder sometimes if I can live without the internet, and I think I can, but not for long! Maybe I can go without internet and computer if there is something else in ‘real life’ that is taking away all my attention for a length of time. If that is the case, then yes, I can live without the internet. 
We have stopped watching TV, and we are instead watching it on the Net. We don’t read newspapers, but we read it on the Net. We don’t go out for movies these days, we watch it on the Net. It is scaring to think about the future, if this continues. Maybe in the future, we don’t have to go to school for education, we can learn everything online! Maybe people might get married online! What else, I wonder?
Some people have a lot of time in their hands and they spend those times to chat endlessly, without realizing that time is flying. I am not talking about friends chatting with the friends they know and meet in person. I am talking about people who chat with strangers on the web. This is such a temptation at first to chat with people, anyone is ok to chat with, as long as they are of the opposite sex! 

I too have had such a temptation to chat with strangers and I have logged into some online chat forums, met some people on social networking sites and added them on google chat, etc. It was nice to have an online friend. But out of the 10 friends I made online, only two or three of them I still keep in touch with. Having such online friends have also come in handy at times. One of my online friends is staying in Sydney where I will be going to in July for further studies. So this has actually benefited me as I have someone I know living in Sydney (FYI: It is a woman, happily married with two kids.).

All this is on one side of the online friends world. But then there is another side for the internet chatting world, and it is pretty dangerous. Some of the extreme cases have ended up in crimes committed. Some of the normal cases have ended up in a guilty conscience. Why take such risks when you know there is so much at stake? Meeting a person online is different from having to meet them in person!

I usually go to this site to watch drama series online. In that blog site, they have a live chat room widget and anyone can use it to chat with the people viewing the site. It was really funny to watch two strangers saying “hi” to each other and asking “how r u?” so caringly as if they both know each other for a long time in their lives! And the guys only talk to the girls and vice versa! 

Take a look at this print screen of a chat I was observing while I visited the site. Initially this woman was talking with a guy called “Sekar”, after which he left. Then came along another guy called “har”. 

Gosh! This is what is happening all over!! I couldn’t stand it one day when things went out of hand in a public forum site. I and a few others interfered and chased away some people who were creating the rackus! This is where our world is heading to… Hell!
There are some secrets that are best if remained as secrets. Once they are out, your whole outlook in life changes. Many times this week I’ve felt like this world is going nowhere good. This feeling has not decreased but keeps increasing everyday.

First time in my life, I don’t feel proud at all. I feel deeply disgusted. My whole body is shrivelling with shame. It is not a nice feeling to hear such blatant truths about a person whom you have respected all along in your life. It is simply disgusting!! I hope that person gets what he deserves!!

Sri Lanka’s Killing Field

It would be the end of the world as we know it. That is what it feels like when we come to know about the Sri Lanka’s civil war. It happened in 2009 but we only get to know the full picture now. It is very disturbing and heart wrenching. Just by watching the video footages of the sufferings of the Tamils, makes me cry. If I can feel like that, imagine what must be going on in the minds of the people directly affected by it. 

The government has conducted an unjust war and have caused many civilian casualties to result. Nobody is ready to take the blame. Nobody is ready to admit that they have been unjust. Nobody is ready to apologise sincerely. The government people had been cunning and have deviously planned the “genocide”. They supposedly announced a “no-fire zone”, made the Tamils move to that area, and then started shelling that place! This is atrocious!

There are many allegations on the Sri Lankan government. This was what BBC had to say:

“Killing of civilians through widespread shelling; (ii) Shelling of hospitals and humanitarian objects; (iii) Denial of humanitarian assistance; (iv) Human rights violations suffered by victims and survivors of the conflict, including both IDPs and suspected LTTE cadre; and (v) Human rights violations outside the conflict zone, including against the media and other critics of the Government,” the report said.

The news article further goes on to say that, “The UNHRC’s attempts to pass a resolution against Sri Lanka have been unsuccessful after Sri Lanka lobbied the support from India, China and Russia among others.” It is really saddening that India is going along with the way the civil war was conducted and ended. There might be really good reasons to kill the LTTE, I do not know fully about it. But killing innocent civilians is just not the way to do it! 

I sincerely pray for the Tamils who are left alive in Sri Lanka, that they live a better life at least from now on! Let this war end and let humanity win. There is not even an ounce of compassion left in this world, I think. Man, we are the worst species in this world!! We eat up the world, we heat up the world, we put a hole in the ozone, we cut down oxygen-giving trees, we burn lots of fuels, we have basically emptied the earth of most of its fossil fuels! The other species do none of these! But we do. We don’t need the God to come back on the judgement day. We ourselves will will lead this world to destruction!

There is no point in setting out to reform the world, because it will never get reformed. If you do set out to “change the world”, then you must go to Jupiter only. The best way to bring change in this world is to change yourself first. I believe strongly in this. We have the power to change the world by changing ourselves for the better. Lets just do our prescribed duties, including charity. We shall pray and help the world as much as we can and hope for the best in the future. Let us all be peace-loving people.

Sarveshaam svastir bhavatu; Sarveshaam shaantir bhavatu; Sarveshaam purnam bhavatu; Sarveshaam mangalam bhavatu; Sarve bhavantu sukhinah; Sarve santu niraamayaa’ Sarve bhadraani pashyantu; Maa kashcid duhkha bhaag bhavet; Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti;

May auspiciousness be unto all
May peace be unto all
May fullness be unto all
May prosperity be unto all
May all be happy
May all be free from disabilities
May all behold what is auspicious
May none suffer from sorrow
Om Peace(within) Peace(environment) Peace(universe)

Just feeling like…

… I want to become nothing… go into nothingness… I don’t want to feel anything… I don’t want to think anything… I don’t want to know anything… I don’t want to do anything! 
I wish I could just jump down and drown in my own world, in my own dreams, and never come back to reality. It sucks! 
Thank God I have a little fear for heights. Thank God there is no river nearby my house. Otherwise, I would have jumped down into any one of them, whenever I think about nothing in life giving you the happiness you need… 
I know I am not the only one who’s feeling this. I wouldn’t even be feeling like this, if I were a poverty-stricken person like in Africa or India. I would have more pressing matters in my mind than to think of how uneventful life is…
I wish I know how to be free of all the shackles in life………..

Happiness expires in….

I don’t understand why people still hanker after happiness, one after another, even though they know that it will not last forever… Everything in this world seems to have  an expiration date stamped on it; “Gives happiness till xx-xx-xxxx”! I’m so sick and tired of running after something, hoping I will be happy after I get it, and then the next day, realising that the thing has changed or I have changed.

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Last post of year 2009! Welcome 2010!

Wow… I can’t believe that already a year has passed by. And what a wonderful year it has been! I am no longer the same person I was in the beginning of this year. This year has helped me mature a lot. There are certain things I cannot share publicly. But my close friends know when I say that a lot of things that happened in my life has made me mature a little further. Of course, I still haven’t tasted the full reality of this world yet. Because I’m still a student. But at least I got an idea of what’s out there…

I started my Diploma in Hinduism Teaching this year. And God, has it been wonderful! There were so many things I’ve learned this year! It has been a life-altering decision to take up this Diploma, and I’m thankful to God for opening up this door for me. I feel like I am continuing on a journey I left unfinished in my previous births…

The most wonderful thing about the second half of this year is the strengthening of the friendship bond. Lots of “going out” with friends, lots of “spending time together”, and I simply love it! Life is just all about simple and beautiful things. Its us who make it all complicated by thinking too much. One good lesson I’ve learned this year!

I made two new friends this year! Praga and Dinesh!! 🙂 I only wish this friendship will continue… Although now both are in Malaysia. I miss them!! I realise this year, I’ve made quite a number of friends, and most or all of them are from Malaysia!! Haha…

Studies keep going up and down, but my quest for Honours is still on-going. This semester my grades went down a little, but there is still a little hope next semester. This brings down to what I can expect to happen next year. Either I will graduate in May/June and join the workforce, or I will get better grades and proceed on with Honours year, graduating in 2011. Any way at all, next year’s going to be another turning point for me.

No matter what, I’m so thankful to my family, friends and God that everything is going on fine! 🙂 Thanks a lot dear friends, who have made this year a wonderful one for me! And even for a few of those who have given me unpleasant/depressing moments in my life, thanks for helping me to grow (over you)! Thanks dears! 🙂


Just for the past few weeks or a month, I’ve been noticing and hearing about men with horribly-gone-wrong minds! Neither will I side with the women and say that they have not gone wrong anywhere. But I should say that men are a lot worse than woman when it comes to thinking and/or doing “dirty”.

Just few days back there were two cases of men (one Indian and one Chinese, this shows that even race, religion, ethnicity doesn’t make a difference!!) displaying/exposing their private parts to women in a park! This came out in the news and it is now under police investigation. Evident enough that this is not a simple matter to just ignore and leave. What guts does it take a man to expose his private parts to a woman in the public and that too in broad daylight?! That person can only be a mentally-disturbed psycho person! What prompts him to do such an idiotic act? Do the guys ever know how hurting this is to the girls? It is really a traumatic experience for the girls and it would take atleast a day or two just to overcome the shock of it, if it were for the first time for a girl! It is really mentally disturbing for the girls, and guys never realise this!

A recent case of the Austrian guy who had 7 kids with his own biological daughter just confirms the extent of abnormality of the minds of the men!! Gosh! Simply unbelievable, shocking news it was! Again, what prompts these kind of guys to commit such hideous crimes?!

Every thought, word and action counts and makes a huge difference to one’s character and disposition. If your actions are good (charity) but your intention behind those actions are bad (to show-off), then does it make a difference? All our lives we are being hypocrites. We’re thinking one thing, but doing something else. Guys talk/act very well in front of their women friends/colleagues but who knows what “dirty” thoughts are running in their minds? Let’s not be hypocrites please!

You can argue, that for such thoughts to arise in our minds, its only natural. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean that it should be let to run as it likes. If our intellect doesn’t have control over the whims of our minds, then who will? And by control, I don’t mean to say that one should resist one’s desires or thoughts. By control, I mean not to have such desires or thoughts unnecessarily and abnormally. Don’t let your mind run awry!

Don’t forget your morality! Just a few weeks back, I had an argument with two of my friends regarding an issue: pre-marital sex. One of my friends was saying that it is alright to have pre-marital sex as long as both the parties are truly in love with each other, trust each other and that both know where they are heading. The other friend didn’t exactly argue, but he agreed with me that it not morally correct to have pre-marital sex. I’m really glad to have met such a person who argues that way, because I’m sure not many guys think that way!

Why do I say it is not moral to have pre-marital sex? Firstly, our scriptures say so. I am very much a person who abides/aspires to abide by the rules of morality put forth by our Shrutis and Smritis (to a lesser extent). It is true that I am not knowledgeable by what is written in the Vedas. Therefore, I cannot quote any verses from there. But I can definitely, by logical explanation, come to the conclusion that pre-marital sex is wrong.

Many of us are blinded by our desires that we tend to forget the very basis of morality inherent in us. Yes, ours is the country which celebrated sex and even prompted Vatsyayana to write the Kamasutra. Its true. But who was the Kamasutra wrote for? It was written for married couples to fulfill one of their purposes in life (out of the four purposes: Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha). Seeking pleasures and entertainment is one of the goals in human lives. But the basis of that seeking should be Dharma. And Dharma tells you to follow Truthfulness, Non-violence, Non-stealing, Brahmacharyam (continence), Patience, Determination, Compassion, Simplicity, Moderate Eating and Purity (of thoughts, speech and action).

By having pre-marital sex, you are violating one or more of the above Dharma. Namely:
1. Truthfulness – because most probably the promise between the two would not be kept
2. Non-violence – because you will most probably end up in hurting each other emotionally
3. Brahmacharyam – this is pretty obvious
4. Compassion – whatsoever compassion you had is now all lost, as you didn’t even think of those persons or even yourself who would be hurt by this action!
5. Purity – such an experience will remain in your mind forever, even if you move on and marry another person, you might feel guilty that you’ve been the cause of hurting someone or betraying your newly-wed

You can now ask, why should I control my sexual tendencies? Why should I be a brahmachari or brahmacharini, till the right time I step foot into the Grahastha Ashram (married life)? Such tendencies, if you notice, only give you momentary happiness/bliss. It is a distraction, nothing much. Before you know, you will be back to square one. You can channel that energy into something much useful rather than exploiting someone for your desires. Not only is the bliss momentary, but also it is a hurtful experience. No matter what justification you can give, saying that both the parties are very much in love and that both know what they are getting into, the hurt and distrust would be there for sure. We all seek security afterall, especially the women. Moreover, time will change everything. People who were “very much in love with each other” once, can change with time. What will happen then?

Some people would argue, then is marriage a license, guaranteed to contain the joys of a physical relationship?! I will give you a resounding NO! Who asked you to marry so that you can have a sexual relationship? One should marry because one loves the person very much and wants to spend the rest of the life with her/him. It is a basic respect you show for the other person, and you are only tainting this relationship if you have pre-marital sex. You are disrespecting your partner.

I’m not writing this post to stop all those guys out there from achieving their hideous, mis-directed desires. You are not obliged to pay attention to my personal ranting through this post and uphold Dharma. You can go ahead destroy Dharma, because you are in the Kali Yuga. Dharma is already going down in the drains, anyway. My post is not powerful enough to stop all those dirty-minded men out there. Who is to stop them, if they are meant to be that way? Maybe they will, if God Himself comes and tells them all this? Then what?

If we are good persons, just so that we will not go to Hell, then we are an awful sorry lot indeed!!!

Note: My post title was initially “Men!” but I changed it to “Humans!” This is because, I felt that I am being unfair to all the GOOD guys out there if I were to only address the men. This post is equally (or maybe less?) applicable to any guilty female as well, who harbors such “dirty” thoughts in their minds.

Rajini and Religion

Dr.Richard Dawkins always says that religion has acquired an unique status that enables others never to speak ill of it. You cannot criticise your own or others’ religion in public. You can, however, do so in private among your close friends. Such high criticisms on religion and how it poisons the minds of the people will bring about much chaos from all corners, if made known to the public. In our world, atheists are still a minority only.

Now, why am I comparing Tamil actor Rajini with religion? To say that Rajini has also acquired such an unique status, whereby you cannot criticise him openly, in public. You will be mauled by his enormous number of fans. What Dawkins days is very true. Everything in this world should be able to be subjected to criticisms. Why should anyone or anything be put on a pedestal?

So you are asking me what is there to criticise super star Rajinikanth? I have a nothing to criticise him about. I disagree with few of his methods to attract his fans. But there is nothing to criticise him about. However, I’m saying that he should be able to be subjected to criticisms by those who are or are not his fans.

In almost every show I see, each and everyone of them praise him and like him. I would ask, well what has he achieved, that I could also follow him and take him as my inspiration? According to me, nothing. So I do not care about him and I have nothing against Rajini. But these people just blindly quote him to be their inspiration. If they are actors, well it’s understandable. But even the general public? Why does everyone have nothing critical to say about Rajini? Why do they all just follow the crowd?

Well, you can ask me, those who know me well. Why do I like Vijay, if I am ignorant of Rajini? You might say I’m being an hypocrite. Let me be clear. I do not like Vijay as an actor. I do not approve of his ways of acting in those so-called masala movies and wasting his talents. But I likie Vijay as a person. And they don’t call him ‘Ilaya thalapathi’ for nothing. He has talents. He’s just wasting them right now.

I have watched a lot of Vijay’s interviews. I like the person I saw in those interviews. His personality, his like for aloneness and all that, I like it. I like his chubby face. I liked him a lot in ‘Kathalukku Mariyaathai’, ‘Bhagavathi’, and ‘Puthiya Geethai’. In Kushi, he was fantastic! But he’s just simply wasting his talents in movies like ‘Mathurey’, ‘Thirumalai’ and ‘Sivakasi’.

I would really like it if Rajini does good roles, like some hollywood actors in movies like Die Hard, or Mission Impossible. I don’t like it when people act typical tamil actor roles. Like a hero, saving the heroine, fighting the villains and all that.It’s quite boring. Tamil film industry has still a long way to go. I also agree with Dawkins, that nothing should be left out when it comes to criticisms.