Kai Kodutha Deivam (The God who helped)

Something amazing happened today… Although things went bad in the lab today, help came to me at the right time. I still can’t believe it.

It was 8pm and I was still in my lab. My autoclave all went wrong so everything got delayed, but I wasn’t panicking. I was cool.

After my autoclave was done, I had to immediately do inoculation. But before that, I had to check the machine in which I’m going to put the flasks in. I checked and I found that most of the racks were already in use, although I booked the machine. I was irritated at that point of time.

But there was still some space. Just when I thought, okay thank God, there is some space to put my flasks in, then came another problem. I couldn’t find the racks that fit my 1L flasks. Well, I did find them, but I didn’t know how t fix them. There were so many samples in the machine already!

I was almost about to give up and thought I would do the inoculation tomorrow. I stood there and thought for a while what to do. There were only a few people in that floor and I didn’t know anyone there. Sigh..

Just when I was about to give up, a man came in and asked me if I was using the hood, in which I left my stuff. I said yes, I will be done soon. He was about to leave, but then I was desperate so I called him and asked if he could help me fix the racks.

Well, it is not really a tough job to fix the racks, but the thing is I’ve never done it before. The guy helped me fix the racks. For him, he had to finish his work soon and go home. I was in his way, and helping me would help him in a way. But still, you have no idea how glad I was to have someone help me just when I needed help!!!

This is not the first time this happened to me. This has happened a lot of times to me. Whenever I needed help, it came to me at the right time, usually in some form; person or object.

Wait, there’s more…

So after finishing everything, I left home, thinking how lucky I was to get some help at the right time. I mean for you, the readers, this might seem like a small thing, but I was in the situation, so I know how much it means to me. So when I got back home, the first thing I did was tell my mum and dad about this. They were watching Vannathirai channel. And you know what was the title of the movie that they aired today??


I was so shocked! Pleasantly surprised more like! Now, what are the odds that this movie was to be aired today, just when I had gone through something similar? Gosh, I was so shocked!

Kanna! You are simply wonderful! You are always there for me, looking after me, taking care of me, being there when I am happy and sad! I haven’t prayed to You for some time, and yet You never fail to help me when in need! I only have to exclaim, “Krishna! What is this? Why am I put to test like this all the time?” And that’s it! You come there, in some form, to help me! I see You in all the people around me! You are always there in my Dad, in my Mum, in my Friends, in everyone! It’s just that people don’t see You always. I always see You only in all! But I need Your Grace to see You in Me. Help me Krishna! Like you helped Arjuna see it! And that is all I ask!

YEY!! It’s over!!

YEY!!! It’s over. Exams are over. Sleepless nights are over. And a lot of things are over. I’m glad that i don’t have to step into that college again and see all those faces that i don’t like. Of course i miss my friends badly. But i think i have more irritating friends than good friends. Haha;)

I guess we’ll be going to school once or twice for gym and swimming. And that’s because we paid that stupid $40 as sports complex fees from september to december!! One thing that ACJC is so good at, is to collect so-called “donations” and “fees.” Everything is $10 for them. From school t-shirts to the book called ACS Story (It contains AC’s 120 years of history). I knew that they are a rich school, but this is simply too much.

But who cares about all of that now. It’s over. And i’m happy with the way i’ve written my papers. Although i wasn’t that confident that i could definitely get an A as i was when i sat for my O’levels 2 years ago. If papers 1 and 2 were easy, paper 3 turns out to be difficult. Or it’s the other way round. So you’re never sure how your grades will turn out.

Happy partying and thinking about your futures for all those who have finished your A’levels!! I’m so happy that my parents have become lenient overnight! They let me stay up late at night yesterday. And they’re giving me quite a bit of freedom to do my own stuff. No complaining anymore that i have to go and study!! My parents have always been quite reasonable and i have to thank them a lot for supporting me throughout this period of exams. Haha:D

My JC Experience

I have reached the end of my life in Junior College. Well, yes it was a fun time i had in college. Not to mention the new experiences and the meeting of pretty weird people. I had a shock on the first day i went to school. Everyone were talking in English!

For those readers out there, you would be saying right now, duh! I know. In my secondary school, most of my Chinese friends spoke Mandarin and i sometimes spoke to my Indian friends in Tamil. But it was not the case when i went to Junior College (JC). I was quite shocked at how refined their language was. My English language skills improved greatly while i was there.

I met all kinds of weird people in JC too. This was the first time i really met “nerds”! People studied really hard in JC. This was also the first time my so-called friends started to talk behind my back. I soon left these back-stabbing people and moved on. I really started enjoying JC only after the first three months. My best friend Kasturi came to the JC and things started to brighten.

I don’t know the real reason until now why some people back-stabbed me. I thought i was generally a nice and friendly person. But this girl in my class said that i gave a don’t-come-near-me aura. But looking back at it now, we ended up being great friends.

Well, i’m not supposed to be mentioning it here. I don’t know what my friends would think if i do. But still it doesn’t matter because they know. It’s just that this was also the first time i had a pretty long-lasting crush on someone. Well, it’s gone now. Totally! It’s not that i hate that guy or something. But it was just a crush. Time to move on in life.

I’ve learned two important lessons in my JC life. First, it is to not to be complacent about life. I was like that the first time when i came to JC. I took it for granted that i could do well in all my subjects and become a top student in college like i did in my secondary school. But it turned out to be a struggle.

Just think about it. School starts at 7.30am. I have to wake up at 5.45am and leave my house at 6.45am. I catch the train and reach school by 7.20am. School finishes at 4.30pm. Sometimes i have guitar practice sessions from 5 to 7pm. The latest i ever stayed for guitar practice sessions was on the eve of a concert. I stayed in school until 10pm, i think. Then when you reach home at around 8pm, when will you ever have time to study?

These two years was like not enough for the most of us. But we managed to finish the syllabus on time and practice a lot for our exams. Not to mention, the stress of getting good passes in physical fitness tests!

Second thing that i’ve learned is that this is not the end of my journey. In the beginning of this post, i said that i’ve reached the end of my life in JC. But it’s not the end at all. I think of it as the end of the beginning only. My journey will still continue.

During these holidays, in which i have ample amount of time, I’m going to really assess things in my life that i’ve taken for granted. Things that i’ve just accepted as facts/reality, my future plans and so on. I’ll blog a lot more frequently too, that’s something good. I now will also have a lot of time to read books.

And lot’s of shopping too. Haha.. I’m not a money spender when i say i love shopping. Shopping just takes my mind off things. It relieves my stress. I think i’ve gone to Jurong Point a lot of times while i was sad or just needed a break. And i like shopping alone for most of the times. Friends are an added fun.

Lastly, for Kasturi jaan, HaPpY bIrThDaY!! Haha… All the best for all your future endeavours jaan. Have fun today! And i bet you’ll have even more fun after next Thursday!!:)

Evolution of blogs

Today’s GP lesson was fruitful and yet wastefull. We had a great discussion about the evolution of blogs and its effects on our Singapore society. I somewhat attempted to answer the question and got a 5 out of 9 marks. I’ve never gotten above a 2 or a 3. I was quite surprised. But i lacked depth in my analysis and was making a lot of generalisations. At first the two comprehension passages on the democratization of blogging was blur to me. As i read it again today, i understood the arguments of the author. I said wasteful, because our tutor wasted a lot of time ranting and advicing us on how we should approach the question. Whatever she said was good, but she kept on repeating her points again and again. And she keeps emphasising on the length of our AQ (Application Question). I clearly don’t understand why. The length doesn’t matter, only the quality does. One might have written a lot of crap in that lengthy AQ for all i care.

The AQ had covered largely in the area of how blogging is good and bad for the country in general. It allows for the exchange of ideas between people on an equal footing, it promotes a mature discussion of taboo/controversial topics, it creates a Singaporean Identity as the different races come together and more importantly, it relieves our apathy for politics. On the other hand, blogging can misguide the public and easily influence people since most of the blogs have no basis for whatever they claim. Any content that is racially discriminating can disrupt the racial harmony in our mutli-racial society. The government would certainly never allow for that. However, the AQ could also have included the benefits and problems of blogging to the individual person.

It could also have included the emergence of increased advertising in blogging. A lot of blogs nowadays contains Adsense or something like that. The blogs feature ads that will earn money for the bloggers in a per-click basis. This is a new avenue for the advertisers, as blogging becomes more and more ubiquitous. However, a lot of blogs today give first-hand consumer advice, on what products to buy and so forth. There are blogs that advice on what laptops are suitable for a college going student, or what computer software to purchase. With such advice more easily available, why would people want to click an adsense ad? Or any kind of ad for that matter. We might just as well go search for blogs that offer such advice, if we have the need to buy a certain product and are desperately in need for an advice.

Of course, blogging and other related programmes like the Youtube, Movable Type, Friendster and so on can never replace the mainstream media. While people might spend a lot of their time sitting in front of their computer and reading other people’s blogs, they have to turn to the local news channel or BBC/CNN to get latest news reports and live reporting of news. Not that kind of selective reporting that we see in blogs. Blogs might do a good job in reporting, but they also add a certain individual perspective to it. And furthermore, most of the news reported on blogs are not always true or have sufficient evidence to support their claims.

I have realised that my concentration/focus is not that effective as it used to be previously. Last time, when i was in secondary school, i used to do yoga. Not everyday. But as frequently as possible. I loved doing it. I can’t do very advanced poses. But just something like the cobra pose, the bridge pose and the chair pose. They might seem to be easy to do. Yes, they are. But they can exhaust you soon enough. Yoga is something that clears your mind and refreshes your body. Mix some meditation with it, and you would feel the difference in just a week.

Look at me. I’m just talking. I’m not doing any of this now. I know that the ‘i have no time’ excuse is a stupid one. I should at least do the 10-minute meditation to keep my mind in focus. Trust me, those who do it know its effects, the 10-minute meditation is really good. The difference might not be noticeable now. But it really helps. You would start sleeping peacefully, and thinking clearly. You would notice that your breathing has improved. And that your concentration has also improved. I should take my own advice now.