Hello friends! I’m Priya from Singapore. I’ve been living here since 1997. I was previously from Bangalore, India. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Accounting in Macquarie University, Sydney.

I currently moved my blog from blogger to wordpress for no particular reason. I just want to keep this blog. You might find some posts that are totally different from the ones I usually write. If you do find them, see them as part of my growth. I used to be an atheist. That is the first thing you would notice in this new blog. 🙂 I’ve changed, just like all the people who change through their lives.

I am a simple and out-going person, nature-loving and fun-loving. I have very few but close friends. I do network around to meet new people and make connections, but not in a deep level. I like meeting new people. I like to travel and I wish I could do some travelling whenever I get the opportunity 🙂

I live by the principles of Sanatana Dharma. I have interests in Hinduism, its philosophy and etc. I actively pursue studies in Hindu scriptures and prepare material for teaching as well. I hope to specialise in Mahabharatha and Bhagavad Gita.

I hope you like this blog. Please keep your comments coming! I’ll update this page as and when I want to. Until then, happy blogging.