i’m really very scared and damn stressed because tomorrow is my napfa 2.4km run. I don’t know how exactly am I going to survive that run. I feel extremely scared to think of it. If I do well and pass, depending on my will power, I shall be very happy cos i don’t have to do napfa for the rest of my entire life. If I fail, well, i’ve got to try harder. However, the situation this year is much better than last year, so i have no doubt abt me doing well.

I asked my secondary school friend Arjunan for tips on running. He gave me a lot of good advice. We had a lengthy chat yesterday night over the phone. So if i did well, much of the credit shall go to him. He is a really nice person. Hope i could meet him sometime, like in a get-together or something.

Today, i feel so tired now, that i hardly have time to go read up on more cancer stuff and post it. So i think i’ll just leave it here. I feel that at this point, my blog looks very boring cos it concentrates more on cancer and cancer and cancer. Phew!! I’ll try to post more lively stuff, such as more things about myself. This friday is a holiday and so is next tuesday!! So I have more time to study and blog…

Tomorrow is biology test, but while thinking about the napfa test, i don’t have the mood to study at all. I think i’ll just do my best in the test. I can’t concentrate on the test while my mind is entirely on the napfa test. My aim for the run tomorrow, is to run with a consistent pace and try very very very hard not to walk at all. I’ve to keep telling these two things in my mind again and again like a mantra while i’m running. also, i’ve been hydrating myself today with plenty of water, as adviced by Arjunan.

Ok, I blog tomorrow. Hope i could come up with some good news and write “yey! i did it. my timing for the run was good and i got a silver for my run!!!”

See ya!!!

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