Oh my God!! What the heck lah? I tried to correct and make my new layout perfect. But I could not and it still looked ugly. The sidebar contents were arranged chaotically and i didn’t know what to do. I messaged Ken and asked him for help. But anyway, i changed my blog to the original one, which looks way decent and nice. Anyway >Ken, thanks for offering to help. I like your blog, very nice. How do you add those things like “I’m waiting…” and About Me stuff??

The coming weeks are slowly starting to look occupied and busy. The pace is starting to pick up speed. Exams look really close. My revision is quite bad right now. Let’s see, math -> almost done except for 5 topics, chem -> need to touch up on inorganic and organic, bio -> need to read through all the notes again!! and finally phy -> large areas to cover.

Prelims are really important to me. However, when compared to A’levels, not that important. Grades might slip here and there, but I should not be discouraged from it. Still trying not to give up on physics…

Let’s see how things improve, next week. 4 more weeks to go for prelims…

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