Reading back the previous entries in my blog, I realise that I have changed a lot. My previous entries that I wrote in the start of this blog, they look really ridiculous now to me. It makes me wonder who this girl is? Haha. I’ve had that many changes within myself. Events that happened and that are happening in my life are changing me, hopefully into a better person.

I’ve been an atheist, and I still am. But I have come to understand how others understand God. I’ve also come to respect that. I can also define God in my own way. Also, learning more about Hinduism has made me interested in it! Now I’ve totally become a full-blown Hindu. I’ve also become a vegetarian recently, becoming aware of myself. People say I changed suddenly, but to be frank, these changes have been in me for a long long time. It’s just that I’ve never really taken the effort to make a change! And a sudden jump into something alien to others, makes them think that I changed suddenly.

I’ve been like all other girls in life, in the past. I once had planned out my life with a loving husband, kids and a happy family. Haha. It seems ridiculous now, because now my views on these issues are also totally changed. Now my future only contains my career and ambitions for life. This transformation seems like a lot, but it was a gradual change of mind.

First, later in life, I decided not to have kids at all. I don’t like them that much after all. But I kept it to myself, I didn’t want to upset my parents and I didn’t want my friends to know that too. But now I don’t really care, I just voice out my opinions to them. Then the next step in this transformation happened when I started thinking “why marry at all in the first place”. This was a year to half month ago. I can’t remember exactly when.

I have always valued friendships much higher than BGR. When my friends, one by one, started going out with guys and having boy friends, I didn’t really see the need for that in my case. I was happy by being just friends with one or two guys. I also truly believe that it is possible for a guy and girl to be just good friends forever. People will think I am crazy if I also add here “even after marriage”. Haha. But that is my opinion, and I truly think it is practical. Why others think its not practical, I can understand why, but it is definitely possible. Maybe not for them because, they want to have more in a relationship than just friendship.

I am lucky to have been meeting some people who have similar views to mine, very few though. I thought I might be the only one thinking like that, but there are guys or gals out there having similar opinions. Haha. Who know? Maybe when I look back to this post in the future, I might be wondering who is this girl again!! My views might change, but for now it’s almost settled and decided. Avoid marriage as much as possible, but if you are “forced” into it by parents to keep them happy or something, then marry a friend and live with them just as friends. That is my view and I do think it is practical.

Such transformations within myself!! I myself am surprised that I have changed this much. I don’t know how or why it all happened. I don’t want to dwell into that either. I am happy with the life I’m living right now. Really happy indeed, because I’m doing things that I am very much interested in. Life sciences, Hinduism, helping my friends, readind a lot, music!! I love all my friends and family… What more do I need in life?

2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Heya, this is dkv, what all? Lot’s n’ lots of transformations in your thoughts ha? I’ve never expected that u’ don’t like having kids at all. But your thougts about marriage very much resemble to that of mine, I prefer love marriages as we have the chance to understand each other in this case when contrasted with the arranged ones .

  2. True Holmes. I prefer love marriage too. But when I say live just as friends after marriage, I really mean it. Friendship comes first for me. Love can come later, or it might not come at all. But friendship should be there. Friendship+love, the kind we have for our parents, best friends, siblings… That is what I am talking about.

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