While i was travelling in the train today, i felt like: “When am i going to get down this train? God, pls help me?” Oh my God, i just couldn’t stand it. Those Indian guys! Sometimes its Bangla guys. I can’t stand them anymore. To think about how they are thinking of me, it is just irritating. I’m so pissed off!

I was travelling alone. Maybe that’s why. But can’t a girl travel alone nowadays? Maybe i’m exaggerating because they didn’t approach me or anything. But sometimes it’s really irritating. These guys were standing quite faraway. But they purposely came and stood at the opposite side of the pole near which i was standing. And they were obviously talking about me and making signals. Goddamn it! I wanted to move away but the train was so crowded. I tried my best to ignore them. I even took out my handphone and pretending like talking to my “brother.” Can you imagine?

I thought our tamil guys are quite harmless and if tamil girls are in trouble, they will help us. Atleast that is how i view them. But there are certain people, who are quite the opposite; they are the troublemakers.

Once i was in Mustafa centre, by myself and i was looking after my sister, while my mother was shopping nearby. She was looking for some clothes actually. So i was simply standing there and minding my own business, not being interested in all those clothes. Then came these two decent-looking guys. I’m not kidding. They looked decent. From the way they speaked, i understood they were telugu-speakers.

But you know what they did? They followed me around the whole day. And this particular guy, one of the two, kept bumping into me and said sorry for like more than ten times. Hello!! Pls come on man. My parents are with me, goddamn it! And I was not even looking good on that day! I looked tired and all. I was wearing a normal polo t-shirt. Looking pretty normal.

And the other guy was helping him look for me, can you believe it? Some kind of teamwork hah? This other guy looked a bit like Harish Ragavendra, if you know who he is and how he looks like. Pretty decent-looking fellows. But the way they behaved!! I just hated them and the day.

Some of the guys here are categorized by us into un-jacks. Girls are un-jills. by the way. They have a pretty typical appearance. Un-jacks are dark/fair, with spiky hair sometimes coloured, earrings, and wearing chains. Sometimes you can tell them by the way they walk. And un-jills are these girls who are dark/fair, coloured hair, funky dress sometimes with mini-skirt, and can be told from the way they stand and walk. These are just generalizations and stereotyping.

Sometimes, we think that un-jacks and un-jills are bad, indecent people. This is not always true. And sometimes, this is very true. We can’t actually say. But when we first look at an Indian, we will categorize them, you see. So that is what i meant by saying that these two guys were decent-looking. By the way, this incident happened a few years ago. They looked like 20-something and i was just 17, i guess! They behaved quite stupidly. I still can’t forget that incident and i never will. Well, maybe.

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